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SEO Expert: Rev Up Your Profile Page

Want to get more business from RepairPal? Here's some tips on how you can format your profile to increase your calls.       Reviews Customers consistently cite your star ranking and number of reviews as their most important decision factor. Having at least 15 reviews and 4 stars or above is critical to your success as a shop. Make sure you've given us contact data to get your first 25 reviews if you’re new to the system. Been here awhile?  Make sure you encourage your customers to review you on RepairPal.  Consider linking your RepairPal page from your shop's website and asking customers to review you there. Have a bad first review?  Then it’s very important to get new reviews that show your shop in a better light.   Business Title If you’re a specialist, mention the makes you focus on in your title: Joe’s Shop | Audi, BMW, Benz Specialists Pictures Have a great picture…

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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Web Traffic Using Local SEO

Want to get more customers from your website? Here are a few easy steps to take to take to your web designer make your website more visible to people who search for you on Google. 1. Website -  NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and City You’ll want to make sure your NAP is prominently placed on your website. At the top right in a large font is ideal. You’ll also want to make sure you use markup to make your NAP visible to search engines.  Here’s the code for your web developer to add to your website: <div itemscope itemtype=""> <p itemprop="name">COMPANY NAME</p> <p itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype=""> <p itemprop="streetAddress">ADDRESS LINE 1</p> <p itemprop="addressLocality">CITY</p>, <p itemprop="addressRegion">REGION</p> <p itemprop="postalCode">POSTCODE/ZIP</p. <p itemprop="telephone">PHONE NUMBER</p> <meta itemprop="latitude" content="LATITUDE" /> <meta itemprop="longitude" content="LONGITUDE" /> </div> You want to fill in all the items in bold.  This lets search engines automatically associate all of your information with your business in their search…

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5 Critical Marketing Strategies for Shops

Recently I asked auto repair shop owners this question; “What are the most critical marketing strategies for auto repair shops, whether you’re starting out or have been in business for years?”  Here are their answers in their own words with my suggestions added. 1. Be Referable - Have a Referral Marketing System “Show up on time, do what you say you’re going to do. Say please and thank you and finish what you start. Those are what I call the four rules for being referable.” -Dave Riccio, Owner of Tri City Transmission, Tempe, AZ (RepairPal Certified) There are many things that make your shop referable in the eyes of the customer. But the main thing is the quality of customer service you provide, from their first call to set an appointment to after their vehicle is fixed and out the door.  Once you have this in place, I recommend you set up a “Referral Marketing”…

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