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3 Reasons TECHNET Members Grow with RepairPal Certification

Are you a member of TECHNET?

Then you are one of the 9,200 elite shops who already know the value of marketing, ongoing training, and helpful business resources in growing your repair shop’s revenue.

To add to that strong foundation, TECHNET and RepairPal have partnered together to make your path to RepairPal Certified status even easier.

George Lesniak, Director of Commercial Programs at TECHNET, says, “RepairPal is becoming a standard-bearer for quality in the auto repair industry. Our Members receive special opportunities to demonstrate their quality and grow their business with access to RepairPal’s leading auto repair site and attractive partners.”

TECHNET thinks you should become RepairPal Certified, and this is why:

What RepairPal Certified Status Does for Your Shop

  1. Our RepairPal Certified program identifies, supports, and promotes quality shops to quality prospects you may not be able to reach on your own.
  2. Certification with RepairPal inspires consumer confidence, reduces pricing negotiations, and gives you access to quality, lifelong customers through our exclusive partnerships.
  3. Our shops can expect 8-10 new contacts every single month from our website and quality referral partners, like CarMax, The Warranty Group, and one of the top towing services in the US.

“Through RepairPal last month, we had four new clients resulting in over $1,500 in revenue. They’re not people looking for a $19.99 oil change, but educated consumers who have done some research and are looking for the best place to have it serviced. We adore our new clients and are happy they found us through RepairPal!”  Diane Larson, Larson’s Service, Peabody, MA

Not everyone makes the cut to be RepairPal Certified. In fact, 35% don’t make it. Some don’t even have the credentials to apply. (Click here to check yours.)

We like it that way—and so do the 4 million people who search RepairPal for trustworthy repair shops every month.

However, as a TECHNET shop, you’ve already met several of the criteria for certification.

That means you’re on the way to certification already, and we welcome your application with open arms.

(Not a TECHNET shop? Don’t worry. We still accept high quality shops who meet the standards below, and we invite you to apply.)

What Your Shop Needs to Become RepairPal Certified

As a TECHNET shop, you’ve already met the training and warranty requirements out of the gate!

  • Offer quality mechanical repair
  • Charge fair prices
  • Offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty
  • Have been in business for 6 months or more
  • Participate in ongoing training and/or ASE certification
  • Consistently delight your customers

Ready to verify all the requirements and gain the prestige of RepairPal Certified status?

How to Apply

All it takes is a phone call to start the process or by filling out the form on this page (and remember, you’re already part of the way there!) and claim the perks of being a RepairPal Certified shop.

Call 800-969-9204 ext 2 or click here to get started, and be sure to state that you’re a TECHNET shop.


Let's grow your repair business

Learn how RepairPal will help you improve trust with both new and existing customers. Your shop will increase retention, improve conversion, and attract new business.