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5 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Repair Shop During the Holidays

Getting new customers for your repair shop is about more than just advertising everywhere and crossing your fingers people remember you when they need service.
You’ll get better results by focusing on building relationships and establishing strong partnerships than you will in sending a coupon to every single potential customer in your area.

And the good news is these actions are often easier, cheaper, and faster than blasting your shop’s name across every media platform you can find. Keeping this strategy in mind, here are 5 tips to grow your repair shop during the holidays.

#1: Get More Repeat Business Using Mom’s Advice

Mom told you to do it because it was polite. But did you know that saying “thank you” is also profitable, especially during seasons of goodwill and gratitude?
Thank you emails enjoy a whopping 42.51% average open rate (Source: Remarkety), performing better than almost any other type of email.
And these emails get an average 10.34% conversion rate, meaning 1 in 10 customers will purchase again. That makes this simple email a pretty low-effort and cost-effective way to increase your business year-round by strengthening your customer relationships.

Tips for making your Thank You email effective:
1. Don’t get fancy with the subject line. A simple “thank you” is all you need to make sure the recipient knows what type of email it is (and opens it).
2. Offer a coupon or discount for the next service, as these are shown to more than triple purchase rates (Source: Remarkety).
3. Or you can ask for a review when the customer is feeling most positive about what you’ve just done for them. This helps you capture future clients.

Pro tip: Only ask for one action per email from your customer. If you ask them to book a future service, don’t ask for a review. If you ask for a review, don’t ask them to schedule the next service. But you can give coupons in both scenarios!

Here is a sample thank you email template you can modify for your own use:
Thanks for choosing [insert your shop’s name] for your recent service. Your family’s safety and comfort while driving is top priority for us.
That’s why you’ll get a 15% discount when you book your next [insert specific service] now. Click here to schedule, and we’ll send you a convenient reminder when it’s time to come back.
Thanks for your business, and we look forward to keeping your vehicle in top shape for years to come.

#2: Show Your Holiday Spirit to Increase Sales

Giving thanks.
Helping those less fortunate.
Getting a great deal.
Those are the core tenets of the holiday season from a consumer standpoint, and you can touch on all three with one simple promotion at your repair shop.

3 ideas for simple campaigns you can start today:
1. Offer a free road trip inspection for a donation of canned food. Bonus tip: Display those cans inside a car on your shop’s lot and invite the local news to showcase your promotion.
2. Offer a discount for adding gifts for needy children under your shop’s Christmas tree.
3. Start a campaign to fund vehicle repairs for the local shelter, food bank, elder daycare, or other under-funded community service. You add X dollars to the fund for every repair. (Don’t forget to promote the donation on social media and with your local paper.)

#3: Make It Personal to Make it Profitable

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. And with polls showing 2 out of 3 people have had a negative experience in our industry, quality shops face an even greater challenge in appearing friendly to potential new customers.
The holidays are a perfect time of year to showcase your team’s personality and likability through friendly photos on social media and positive stories about your team members on your About Us page.

Tips for showcasing your team:
1. Include personal interests in your bios like hiking, pets, or hobbies. Include employee’s participation in the community – e.g. Church, Scouts, Shelters, Schools, Sporting Programs etc. Finding common ground with your prospects is key to getting them in the door for regular maintenance.
2. Use candid photos of smiling team members rather than stiff, posed photos. Make your shop look like a friendly place to visit.

#4: Join Forces for the Greater Good

‘Tis the season to work together to help others. What businesses in your area also serve your same market?
If you can piggyback on their holiday cheer, you’ll reach brand-new customers with almost no effort.
Contact these community businesses now and offer a coupon or free service to add to their annual client appreciation gifts.

The benefits work for both sides: the business owner adds value for his customers without spending extra money, and you get exposure to a brand-new audience without spending a lot of time or money.

Some business owners to approach for this campaign:
• Real estate brokers
• Home service companies (plumbers, HVAC companies, lawn services, contractors)
• CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers
• Moving and relocation services
• Kennel and/or daycare services

This holiday campaign can be extended to work year-round with real estate agents and moving companies.

#5: Grab a Permanent Spot on Santa’s Nice List

It pays to be good. That’s Santa’s mantra—and it’s ours, too.

We reward over 2000 Certified shops by sending 10-12 new customer calls and messages every single month.
Does that sound like a gift you’d like to receive this year?
These warm leads come from power partners like CarMax, USAA, The Warranty Group, and one of the top tow services (serving 13 of the top 16 insurance companies).

Top that off with leads from the 4+ million monthly visitors to our website and Fair Price Estimator, and you see why 94% of shops who start with RepairPal stick with RepairPal—even though we don’t require long-term contracts.

So if you’re looking for a steady stream of quality new customers all year long with no extra effort on your part…

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