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What is RepairPal Certified?

The RepairPal Certified Network of shops and dealers is the largest network of trusted auto repair facilities. All RepairPal Certified locations have been evaluated to the highest standards of quality, customer satisfaction, and fair pricing.

Washington - 51 Certified Facilities


Idaho - 8 Certified Facilities


Oregon - 30 Certified Facilities


California - 536 Certified Facilities


Nevada - 64 Certified Facilities


Arizona - 101 Certified Facilities


Utah - 23 Certified Facilities


Wyoming - 1 Certified Facility


Montana - 2 Certified Facilities


Colorado - 110 Certified Facilities


New Mexico - 15 Certified Facilities


Alaska - 3 Certified Facilities


Hawaii - 7 Certified Facilities


Texas - 422 Certified Facilities


Oklahoma - 19 Certified Facilities


Kansas - 24 Certified Facilities


Nebraska - 10 Certified Facilities


South Dakota - 3 Certified Facilities


Minnesota - 50 Certified Facilities


Iowa - 9 Certified Facilities


Missouri - 43 Certified Facilities


Arkansas - 5 Certified Facilities


Louisiana - 28 Certified Facilities


Wisconsin - 33 Certified Facilities


Illinois - 121 Certified Facilities


Kentucky - 16 Certified Facilities


Indiana - 43 Certified Facilities


Michigan - 60 Certified Facilities


Tennessee - 77 Certified Facilities


Mississippi - 13 Certified Facilities


Alabama - 28 Certified Facilities


Florida - 202 Certified Facilities


Georgia - 136 Certified Facilities


South Carolina - 53 Certified Facilities


North Carolina - 98 Certified Facilities


Virginia - 114 Certified Facilities


West Virginia - 3 Certified Facilities


Maryland - 104 Certified Facilities


New Jersey - 59 Certified Facilities


Delaware - 13 Certified Facilities


Ohio - 62 Certified Facilities


Pennsylvania - 62 Certified Facilities


New York - 63 Certified Facilities


Vermont - 1 Certified Facility


Maine - 8 Certified Facilities


Massachusetts - 44 Certified Facilities


New Hampshire - 14 Certified Facilities


Connecticut - 31 Certified Facilities


Rhode Island - 7 Certified Facilities

Why get RepairPal Certified?

RepairPal Certified shops and dealers have the right experience and training, tools and equipment, and high quality parts to repair your car correctly the first time. They also have a minimum 12,000 mile / 12 month repair warranty and they are guaranteed to have fair prices.

We ensure customers who use a RepairPal Certified repair facility are getting the highest quality work from expert mechanics at a fair price.

Certification Criteria

Shops are scored across four matrices in order to ensure they meet the highest standards in each category.

To verify a shop’s high-quality customer service, we survey customers from the past 6 months.
All shops receive a Net Promoter Score®, a customer loyalty metric used by companies worldwide. Shops must share data with RepairPal in order to verify customers. RepairPal only uses shop customer’s data in order to verify the authenticity and does not sell or misuse customer data.

We evaluate the quality and sophistication of shop tools. This is intended to review the state of technology the shop brings to the repair process.

We look at how many technicians have recent technical training or are ASE certified and years of experience. If shops do not meet training standards, we offer our Aspire program, a cost-free training program to bring shops up to meet certification standards.

We highlight the car makes a shop services and any makes in which they have specialization.
We also review the shop’s amenities offered: customer benefits such as transportation assistance, coffee, WiFi options, location, and more. This is to ensure that every aspect of the shop meets or exceeds customer expectations.

The Road to Certification

RepairPal Certification follows a seven-step process. In just one week, shops can become RepairPal Certified.

The first step in the certification process includes a call with a RepairPal representative. During this call, we get cursory information and answer any questions before beginning the certification process.

After a shop is pre-qualified, a certification fee is required in order to go through the rest of the process. Once a shop successfully becomes RepairPal Certified, this payment covers the first month's cost of certification.

Certification appointment
After payment, we schedule an appointment with a certification manager and the shop to go over the application process in depth.

The shop then must fill out an application providing information such as technician training, verification of business license, list of customers, warranty documentation (min. 12,000 miles/12 months), specific tools & equipment, and amenities offered.

We work to verify customer data and recent customer invoices. Customer are sent email and/or phone surveys in order to determine customer satisfaction and NPS score.

Supplemental training
If a shop doesn't pass the training requirement or customer satisfaction surveys, we offer a no-cost training program (called Aspire) to help shops continue in the certification process.

Certification is complete!
If a shop meets all the necessary requirements of certification, they will be moved onto onboarding and account set-up. We also provide training on RepairPal's digital tools like our Shop Dashboard to help shops manage their RepairPal customers.
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Aspire Program

Worried about not meeting the necessary training, customer satisfaction, or warranty requirements? RepairPal offers a no-cost training program called Aspire that helps shops get back on track for certification.

In order for shops to be eligible for the Aspire program, they must complete a few prerequisites.

Requirements for the Aspire Program

*The Aspire Program offers training for shops who currently don’t meet the training requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. RepairPal Certified shops are monitored continuously for high levels of customer service, fair pricing and ongoing adherence to the standards set forth for employee training and certifications. Our Automotive Group works to ensure these standards remain high and works directly with shops to retain RepairPal Certification, and in rare cases will remove them from the network if standards are not met.

ASE certifications are not required for certification, recent technical training can complete this requirement. For those who do not have ASEs or recent training, we offer training under our Aspire program. Going through this training allows these shops to continue through the certification process.

RepairPal has a staff of ASE Certified Technicians who have owned and worked at auto service companies. RepairPal’s team has deep experience working for dealerships and independent auto repair shops and are dedicated to setting a new bar for high quality in the industry. RepairPal Master Technicians have won numerous awards for their customer service and expertise.

Since we only pick the best shops with high-quality work at fair prices, there’s a chance there might not be a RepairPal Certified shop in your area yet. If you think the shop you already go to could be a RepairPal Certified shop, we encourage you to recommend that shop to us.

The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric used by leading companies worldwide as the standard for measuring customer loyalty. For example, GE, Apple, American Express, Philips, and Verizon all use the NPS metric to determine their customers’ satisfaction.
The idea behind the Net Promoter Score is this: The best way to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction is for your customers to answer one question: ‘How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?’ Based on responses to that question, an NPS can be determined.
Any NPS higher than “10” is considered good, while any score above 50 is considered great. The average score for most companies is between 5 and 10, while the auto repair industry’s average score is unfortunately negative at –13.
A shop’s NPS is one of the most important factors we use to determine whether or not a shop is qualified to become a RepairPal Certified shop—the average score for shops in the RepairPal network is over 70.
In the automotive repair industry, having ASE certification is a strong symbol of quality. For example, an ASE Master Technician must pass all eight of the ASE automotive certification tests and have the required work experience. To be an ASE Blue Seal Certified Facility, at least 75 percent of the shop’s technicians must be ASE certified in each area of service they provide. Several RepairPal Certified shops are ASE Blue Seal Certified Facilities.
There are many certifications and industry affiliations that illustrate a shop’s commitment to quality and excellence. View our comprehensive list.

RepairPal will introduce your shop to new customers through, the largest site for auto repair, and through the recommendation of our partners like USAA, CarMax, and Consumer Reports.