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6 Ways to Improve Customer Service in Auto Repair

How to Boost SEO Performance of your Repair Shop Website

Repair shops come to us for one main reason: to get a steady stream of quality new customers every month. But many Certified shops tell us it’s not just the customer flow that keeps them with us.

Today we’ll explore the RepairPal Shop Profile — and how it can boost the SEO performance of your own repair shop website.

Even if you aren’t ready to become RepairPal Certified, you can claim your shop on and add details to your shop profile.  Every RepairPal Certified shop gets a profile. Automobile owners see this profile when searching for trustworthy shops in your area, whether they are:

  • Googling their car’s problem (we’re No. 1 for the term “car repair estimate”)
  • Using our Fair Price Estimator
  • Searching for a Certified shop at the RepairPal website

What’s a shop profile?

Your shop profile displays:

  • An overview of your shop’s hours, services and location
  • A link to get an estimate or contact your shop directly
  • Your verified reviews from customers
  • A scorecard on your shop’s technical ability, tools and equipment, customer service and customer amenities (which we calculate during the Certification process)
  • Details about your specialties and affiliations, and even a direct message from you
  • A link to your website (more on this hidden SEO perk in a moment)

Our Certification team does a thorough job of building out your shop profile. This way, a potential customer can find everything they need to know in one place to book a service call with you.  However, this feature keeps paying off in quiet ways — even for customers that don’t come directly from RepairPal.

How your RepairPal shop profile boosts SEO for your shop’s website

RepairPal is like an 800-pound gorilla in the world of SEO. Our page rank authority is 6.14 on the industry-standard Moz scale (which ranks from 1-10).

Compare the rank of 6.14 to’s 7.57 and the average website rank of ~ 0.05 to appreciate the power of our website.

It would be almost impossible for an independent shop to gain such a high page rank because they simply don’t have the necessary traffic, content and bandwidth. However, you can still benefit from our SEO rank through your shop profile.  Your profile contains a section where you can add a link to your shop’s website. When you do this, you’re essentially piggybacking on the established authority of our website.

This is called “backlinking” and it’s the No. 1 way to raise to your SEO profile and get found on GooglePage rank growth is exponential, meaning you have to work a lot harder to get from 4 to 5 than you do from 1 to 2. However, if you have a helping hand, you’ll get there a lot faster! (Wondering what your website’s page rank is? Find out here. Then imagine how much better it could be with a backlink to RepairPal.)

So even though you’ll get, on average, 8 to 10 new customer contacts every single month through RepairPal Certification, your shop profile will also help your shop’s website get found on Google.

Are you ready to link up to a powerhouse referral system and gain all the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits?

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