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Top 3 Reasons Why This Past Winter’s Cold Will Still Keep You Busy in Spring

ID-100142169At one point this winter we had over 80% of the country in below freezing temperatures. Collision shops aren’t the only ones seeing a spike in business as auto repair shops can expect to be busy as well for quite some time.


Frigid temperatures can cause a number of problems on automobiles. As miles driven begin to spike 8% this month and continue to increase until summer1, you can expect your customers to visit your shop for these three much needed repairs throughout the following months:


1. Dead batteries. Cold weather is known to reduce the battery operating efficiency by half or more.

2. Wheel alignments. With all the potholes created after all that freezing and thawing cycles, expect some steering wheels to start vibrating and cars to drift.

3. AC lines/condenser damage. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society explains that under body lines may become corroded due to the causes of road salt and de-icing chemicals. Since it’s not quite warm enough to use the A/C, you might not encounter this problem for a few more weeks, so be prepared!

1. U.S. Department of Transportation.


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