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Revolutionize Your Marketing: Facebook Secrets Every Auto Repair Shop Should Know

Revolutionize Your Marketing: Facebook Secrets Every Auto Repair Shop Should Know

Auto repair shops need to leverage every available tool to stand out from the competition and attract customers. Facebook, with its extensive reach and powerful advertising capabilities, offers a treasure trove of opportunities for auto repair businesses. With over 3 billion active users each month, it is no surprise that most shop owners have created a Facebook page for their business. However, it is important to remember that Facebook has more than just Pages for businesses, there are several other features that can help communicate more effectively with your audience.

To help you revolutionize your marketing strategy and unlock the full potential of Facebook, we’re revealing five secrets that every auto repair shop should know.

Use Facebook Groups to Expand Your Communication Efforts

Your Facebook Page has its place for posting, but Facebook Groups will increase visibility and give you a chance to engage with your audience and build relationships with potential customers that you may not reach on your Facebook Page. Those who join Facebook Groups want to be there, therefore, you are targeting an audience that wants to hear from you.

According to Hootsuite, Facebook pages only reach out to about 5% of your audience, but with Facebook Groups, your reach will be much higher. Facebook prioritizes content from groups in a user’s newsfeed, therefore, there is a higher chance of your post showing up on their newsfeed, in comparison to your Page posts.

There are hundreds of automotive repair Facebook Groups, so be sure to create a group for your target audience that makes sense for your business. Perhaps you want to start creating training videos, and you’d like to create a Facebook Group on automotive safety. Or, you may want to create an exclusive VIP group for your customers to get exclusive coupons. Search on Facebook for other automotive repair groups, and decide what works best for you to gain more visibility and connect more intimately with new and existing customers.

Here are some ideas for creating a Facebook Group for your auto repair business:

  • [Your City/Town] Car Enthusiasts: Create a group for car enthusiasts in your local area where members can share their love for cars, discuss automotive news and trends, and seek advice on vehicle maintenance and repairs. As the owner of an auto repair shop, you can participate in discussions, offer expert advice, and promote your services when relevant.
  • DIY Auto Repair Tips and Tricks: This group could be dedicated to helping members learn how to perform basic car maintenance and repairs themselves. Share instructional videos on how to add windshield wiper fluid to your car, or step-by-step guides on how to check your tire pressure, and other troubleshooting tips to empower members to tackle common automotive issues. You can also offer in-person workshops or demonstrations at your shop for group members where you can also utilize Facebook Events, which we will discuss later.
  • [Your City/Town] Community Car Care: Establish a group focused on providing support and assistance to local car owners. Members can ask questions about vehicle problems they’re experiencing, share recommendations for reliable technicians, and organize group discounts for automotive services. As the owner of an auto repair shop, you can use this group to showcase your expertise and offer special promotions to members.
  • Women in Automotive: Create a supportive community for women who are interested in cars and auto repair. Provide a welcoming space where female car enthusiasts can share their experiences, ask questions without fear of judgment, and learn from one another. As a female-owned auto repair shop or a shop with female mechanics, you can use this group to connect with potential customers and showcase your commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the automotive industry.

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Add New Facebook Events to Increase Visibility

Facebook events are another great way to get consumers attention, and keep it, and then get reminded of the event again! This powerful tool also has a calendar connection, so most people have their Facebook events connected to their phone, which means Facebook does the work for you to keep your audience in the loop about your upcoming event. Facebook events can even be connected with Facebook Live, which allows your page to promote the live stream.

It is important to give your event a clear name and thorough description to best help your audience find you. In addition, use an eye-catching event photo to promote the event. If you need some help creating an image that is visually appealing, check out Canva to create your own and choose from hundreds of templates that work best for you.

What events should auto repair shops host?

Not sure what kind of event to host? We’ve got you covered with some ideas that will help your auto repair business engage with your community, attract new customers, and promote your services:

  • Free Car Care Clinics: Offer free educational workshops where attendees can learn basic car maintenance tasks such as checking fluid levels, changing a tire, or replacing windshield wipers. Provide hands-on demonstrations and expert advice to help participants feel more confident about maintaining their vehicles.
Noble Mechanic Car Care Clinic, Indiana. Source: Facebook
Noble Mechanic Car Care Clinic, Indiana. Source: Facebook
  • Seasonal Maintenance Checkups: Host seasonal maintenance events where customers can bring their cars in for a complimentary checkup. Offer services such as tire pressure checks, battery tests, and inspections of belts, hoses, and fluids. Use this opportunity to identify any potential issues and educate customers about the importance of regular maintenance.
  • Car Care for New Drivers: Organize events specifically tailored to new or young drivers who may be less familiar with vehicle maintenance. Offer workshops on topics such as how to check oil levels, monitor tire tread wear, and recognize warning signs of mechanical problems. Provide practical tips for staying safe on the road and encourage participants to ask questions.
  • Charity Car Care Day: Partner with a local charity or nonprofit organization to host a charity car care day where a portion of the proceeds from services performed will be donated to a worthy cause. Offer discounted oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections, and promote the event on Facebook to encourage community members to participate and support the charity.
  • Car Care Tips and Tricks Q&A: Host a live (hint: Facebook Live) Q&A session where customers can ask your mechanics questions about car maintenance and repair. Use the event to share valuable tips and tricks, debunk common myths, and address frequently asked questions. Encourage participants to submit their questions in advance and offer prizes or discounts for the most engaging questions.
  • Customer Appreciation Day: Show your appreciation for your loyal customers by hosting a customer appreciation day at your auto repair shop. Offer discounts on services, giveaways, and refreshments to thank customers for their support. Use the event as an opportunity to connect with your community and strengthen relationships with existing customers.
  • Car Show and Shine: Organize a car show and shine event where car enthusiasts can showcase their vehicles and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Offer prizes for various categories such as best classic car, best modified car, and people’s choice. Use the event to promote your auto repair services and showcase your expertise to potential customers.
  • DIY Car Detailing Workshop: Partner with a local car detailing expert to host a DIY car detailing workshop where participants can learn how to clean and maintain their vehicles like a pro. Provide tips on washing, waxing, and interior cleaning techniques, and offer discounts on car detailing products or services for attendees.

Create Listings on Facebook Marketplace to Promote Your Shop

Promoting your auto repair shop on Facebook Marketplace is a non-conventional and creative way to reach potential customers in your local area. Marketplace is typically used for tangible products, however, there are no rules against promoting your business on Marketplace, and few auto repair shops are taking advantage of this secret opportunity!

To get started, navigate to Facebook Marketplace, and create a listing. Add a catchy headliner, add a few photos of your business, then add a thorough description. If you have any specials, add them in the description. 

Check out a sample Facebook Marketplace listing:


Brakes, Tires, and Auto Repair! Todd’s  Located In Waterford, MI


Looking for tires, brakes or some work done on your vehicle? We have been in Waterford since 2015 and we are proud to now offer full service auto repair. Our certified ASE mechanics ready to handle mid-to-major mechanical repair. We are offering a 10% discount to those who mention this ad. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle needs!


auto repair, car repair, tires, brakes, wheels

Facebook offers auto repair shops a wealth of opportunities to market their services effectively and reach new customers. The above suggestions may be non-conventional, but it is the best way to make sure to make the most out of your Facebook advertising time and efforts to expand your reach beyond what a Facebook Page allows.

By implementing a few of these Facebook secrets, you can revolutionize your marketing strategy, increase brand awareness, and drive more business to your shop. Stay proactive, stay engaged, and watch your auto repair shop thrive!

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