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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Hiring Auto Technicians

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Hiring Auto Technicians

The challenge of recruiting skilled auto technicians is a critical issue facing automotive repair shop owners today. As vehicle technology evolves and skilled technicians retire, the gap in the workforce continues to widen.

The demand large for automotive technicians to fill positions continues to grow. According to the Techforce Supply and Demand Report, the U.S. is expected to have an auto technician shortage of 797,530. Automotive shops have felt the shortage with a need to increase wages, labor rates, and benefits to find and keep skilled technicians. However, with a shortage of technicians, there are plenty of opportunities to recruit skilled technicians during these uncertain times. Job seekers are looking – so let’s figure out how they can find you! 

This comprehensive guide will provide you with actionable strategies to attracting and hiring auto mechanics for your business.

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Why is there an automotive technician shortage?

The shortage of auto technicians is because of several factors. The average lifespan of vehicles continues to increase, leading to a need for repairs on older vehicles. In addition, there are less young people interested in becoming automotive technicians, while seasoned technicians are beginning to retire.

Another factor for seasoned professionals is the increasing complexity of automotive technology, which demands higher skill levels. A recent report by TechForce Foundation highlights the growing demand for technicians that outpaces the supply of trained workers.

Let’s look at some of the key takeaways from their report.

  • Automotive technicians earn about 25% less than the national average salary in the U.S.
  • The U.S. is projected to need 4 times more automotive technicians than are graduating in the next 5 years.
  • In 2022, the average age of vehicles is 12+ years.
  • Vehicles over 10+ years are twice as likely to break down.

Action Items:

  • Regularly check automotive industry reports and statistics to understand the trends in technician availability.
  • Anticipate and plan hiring needs based on business growth and professional technicians retirement rates.
  • The technician shortage can provide you with a perfect opportunity to take on candidates that are willing and ready to work in a healthy work environment that embraces training and ongoing team support. Finding the right industry platforms and building your network of industry professionals are a great place to start.

Strategies for Finding Auto Technicians

Using Industry-Specific Platforms

Tapping into industry-specific platforms that can significantly enhance your hiring strategy. These platforms are designed to connect employers with skilled professionals in the automotive field. Here’s how to effectively use these resources:


WrenchWay gives shop owners a platform to create detailed job postings that showcase their business culture through multimedia presentations, helping to attract technicians who are a good fit. They offer several unique features that can help you attract and hire the right candidates.

  • Shop Profiles: Your shop’s profile on Wrenchway includes videos, photos, and detailed descriptions of your work environment and culture. This transparency helps potential hires understand what it’s like to work at your repair shop and attracts candidates who are a good fit.
  • Top Shop Pages: Participate in WrenchWay’s Top Shop feature, where the best shops are highlighted. Being recognized as a Top Shop can increase your visibility to top-tier talent.
  • Insights and Feedback: WrenchWay provides feedback from technicians on what they are looking for in potential employers. Use this data to tailor your recruitment strategies and workplace policies to better meet the needs of prospective hires.
  • Reverse Job Posts: This feature allows technicians to post about themselves, detailing what they are seeking in a job, allowing you to directly reach out to candidates who match your needs.

Action Items:

  • Regularly update your profile with current information and engaging content.
  • Use the insights provided by WrenchWay to improve your shop’s attractiveness to potential hires.
  • Actively search for and connect with technicians who have listed their preferences and qualifications.

TechForce Foundation

TechForce Foundation focuses on the education and promotion of future transportation technicians. They offer programs and resources that can be an excellent source for finding motivated and trained new technicians to the industry:

  • Scholarships and Grants: TechForce promotes educational opportunities for upcoming technicians. Connect with recipients or participants of these programs as potential candidates who are already vetted for their commitment and skill.
  • Career Pathways: TechForce provides resources and guidance on career development in the auto technician field. By understanding these pathways, you can better align your job offerings with the career aspirations of potential hires.
  • Industry Events: Participate in or sponsor events and competitions organized by TechForce. These gatherings are excellent for networking and directly engaging with passionate, skilled individuals.

Action Items:

  • Establish connections with training programs endorsed by TechForce to tap into a pool of fresh talent.
  • Get involved in your community by supporting events that help technicians advance their skills and careers.
  • Create opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in your shop. This will create a pathway for full-time employment.

Tips for Using Industry-Specific Platforms

  • Stay active on these platforms. Regular posts and updates can keep your shop in the forefront of potential candidates’ minds.
  • Act on the feedback received as well as industry data. Continue to refine your approach to attracting and retaining talent.
  • Make sure your listings emphasize what sets your shop apart, such as advanced training, top-tier benefits, or a unique shop culture.

By using companies such as WrenchWay and TechForce, you can find qualified candidates and enhance your shop’s appeal to skilled technicians by aligning with their career goals and preferences. This targeted approach can significantly improve the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts in the competitive auto repair industry.

Networking and Community Engagement

Strong community connections can serve as a backbone for recruiting efforts, providing both immediate and long-term benefits. Here’s how to maximize your networking and community engagement to attract skilled auto technicians:

Action Items:

  • Collaborate with Educational Institutions: Build partnerships with high school, technical schools and colleges. Offer to provide resources, guest lectures, or serve on advisory boards.
  • Participate Actively in Industry Events: Regularly attend and exhibit at trade shows and conferences. Use these events to showcase your business and engage with potential hires.
  • Engage in Local Community Events: Sponsor local sports teams or community events. This increases your visibility and roots your business within the community, enhancing your reputation as a desirable employer.
  • Organize Workshops and Open Houses: Host events that allow the community to visit your shop, meet your team, and see your operations first-hand. This can display your shop’s work environment and attract local talent.
  • Develop an Alumni Network: Maintain a network of former employees who can refer skilled technicians, vouch for your business, and expand your reach.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to potential auto technician hires and promote your business culture and job openings.

Action Items:

  • Maintain Active Profiles: Keep your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles updated with engaging content about your workplace, employee stories, and industry insights.
  • Promote Job Openings: Use social media platforms to announce job openings. Make sure to include clear calls to action and direct links to the application process.

Offering Competitive Benefits and Continuous Learning Opportunities

Attracting top talent requires more than just a competitive salary. It involves creating an environment that fosters growth and recognizes achievements.

Action Items:

  • Benchmark and Offer Competitive Salaries: Regularly research industry standards for wages in your area and ensure your compensation packages are competitive.
  • Provide Comprehensive Benefits: Offer health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits that are important to your employees.
  • Support Continuous Learning: Provide access to ongoing training and certifications. Look into partnering with manufacturers and other training providers to ensure your technicians are up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Create a Positive Work Environment: Develop a workplace culture that promotes work-life balance, respects diversity, and fosters open communication.
  • Recognize and Reward Achievements: Implement employee recognition programs that reward hard work and milestones, such as years of service, exceptional customer service, or gaining new certifications.

Interviewing and Hiring Process

The interviewing and hiring process is a critical phase in building your team. A structured approach can help you select candidates who technically proficient and a good fit for your shop’s culture. Here are detailed strategies and action items to enhance your interviewing and hiring processes:

Creating a Job Description

Before you begin the interview process, it’s crucial to have a clear and detailed job description. This helps attract candidates who are a good match for the role.

Action Items:

  • List Specific Skills and Qualifications: Clearly outline the technical skills, certifications, and experience required for the position such as ASE Certifications, EV experience, etc.
  • Describe the Role’s Responsibilities: Provide a detailed list of daily tasks and long-term responsibilities. Be sure to highlight if there are opportunities for growth.
  • Explain Your Shop’s Culture: Detail your shop’s work environment that makes your shop unique to attract candidates who align with your values.

Developing an Efficient Application Process

An easy and efficient application process helps attract top candidates without burdening them or your hiring teammate(s).

Action Items:

  • Streamline Application Forms: Keep forms short and ask only for essential information needed to assess the candidate’s qualifications. You can gather more information later. Remember, a long application process could turn away potential candidates.
  • Communicate Regularly: Let candidates know the steps involved in the hiring process and communicate regularly to keep them engaged.

Conducting Effective Interviews

The interview is a crucial tool for assessing the technical abilities and personal skills of potential hires.

Action Items:

  • Prepare Structured Interview Questions: Develop a set of questions that address both technical skills and behavioral traits. Make sure all interviewers know how to use the interview questions.
  • Include a Hands-On Test: Add a hands-on task relevant to the job, like fixing a mechanical problem or performing a routine service, to assess the candidate’s skills in action.
  • Determine Their Cultural Fit: Use behavioral interview questions to determine how the candidate would react in various scenarios relevant to your shop’s environment.
  • Conduct Panel Interviews: Use your current technicians and managers to get multiple perspectives on the candidate’s fit.

Checking References and Backgrounds

Verifying a candidate’s background and references is an essential step in the hiring process.

Action Items:

  • Verifying a candidate’s background and references is an essential step in the hiring process.
  • Conduct Background Checks: Make sure candidates are reliable and legally able to work in your shop’s environment. This is especially important if they will be handling sensitive information or expensive equipment.
  • Contact References: Speak with former employers and colleagues. This will help you get insights into the candidate’s work ethic, skills, and experiences.
  • Verify Certifications and Education: Check the validity of any claimed certifications and educational qualifications.

Making the Offer and Onboarding

Once you find the right candidate, it’s important to make a competitive offer and set up a good onboarding process to start off on the right foot.

Action Items:

  • Prepare a Competitive Offer: Use your research on industry standards to create an attractive offer. This should include a competitive salary, benefits, and unique perks from your shop.
  • Clear Onboarding Plan: Develop a structured onboarding process that helps new hires integrate smoothly into your team. Include introductions, training, and mentoring in this plan.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Set up regular check-ins with new hires to provide feedback. Address any issues they might have during the initial months.
    By improving each part of your hiring process, you’ll be better at finding and keeping great auto technicians. This organized approach makes sure you pick candidates who are skilled and fit well with your shop’s vibe, and it helps them succeed in their new roles.


Recruiting the right auto technicians is crucial for keeping your auto repair shop thriving. We’ve explored many ways to boost your chances of attracting and retaining the best techs out there.

Finding the right auto technicians involves creating a team that will grow with your shop over time. By using thoughtful, proactive recruitment methods, you can keep your shop running smoothly. Here’s to building a strong team that drives your success forward!

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