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Interview with Hybrid Specialist and Owner of Luscious Garage Carolyn Coquillette

This month, the first hybrid that was available in the US, the Honda Insight, celebrates its 14th birthday. As hybrids reach the age in which they fall out of warranty, many consumers are left wondering where they should repair and service their cars beyond the dealer. Hybrid vehicles require a different skillset, tools, and knowledge of a technology that is still new. Jill Trotta, ASE-certified technician, consultant, and automotive professional on RepairPal’s Automotive Professionals Team and Carolyn Coquillette, hybrid specialist and owner of Luscious Garage in San Francisco discussed how hybrids fit in with independent repair shops.

Jill Trotta (JT): Thanks so much for speaking with us, Carolyn. The hybrid space is such a new and fascinating space. What would you advise a shop owner who is considering working on hybrid vehicles?

Carolyn Coquillette (CC): A lot of owners go to the dealership, but there are...

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Getting Rid of the Upsell

As a 23-year industry veteran, I have found that the thing consumers hate most in the automotive industry is the UPSELL.  It’s synonymous with pressuring someone into buying something they don’t want or need to buy.  Wikipedia defines upselling as: “a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.” No wonder people hate it. That sounds awful! 

In my experience working in this industry for over two decades, the “art” of the upsell is something that is taught, encouraged, and in many cases required. It is something you must excel at to make a living. However, this term and technique have given the industry its black eye. It has created an environment of mistrust and an “us vs. them” environment. It’s the thing people hate the most but...

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