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Customer Service in The Palm of Your Hand

We live in a world of mobile technology with phones, laptops, tablets, and now even watches. Having programs and tracking at the touch of a finger increases the speed of service, efficiency in monitoring, and direct communication with customers. Auto service companies have a handful of different programs or software they can choose from to best fit the needs of their operations. This software on handheld devices or tablets accommodates mechanics who can carry it directly with them during inspections. By doing so, mechanics and inspectors are able to complete notes on the spot, take pictures, show the physical inspection to customers, and even email or schedule appointments with customers on the spot.

What Do “Best Practices” Really Mean?

“Best practices” is a term that is often thrown around and that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At RepairPal, we use the term to describe what our automotive team has determined makes up a quality automotive repair facility. My team consists of very experienced automotive professionals who have a wide range of experience in the automotive field. This experience, and our talking to thousands of shops across the country, has helped us develop a process by which we identify auto repair shops that are committed to staying relevant and forward-thinking in our rapidly changing industry.

Don’t Become a Dinosaur: Learn, Adopt, Adapt

These days, the automotive industry is rapidly changing and the processes that were once in place and accepted as standard (with their antiquated practices and outdated technology) are quickly becoming the old way of thinking. The successful shops with forward-thinking owners and managers will adopt these changes and adapt while the rest will fall off the radar and get left behind.

Dinosaurs are extinct for a reason — they were unable to adapt.

Jill Trotta Explains: Knowing Your Numbers

Resident ASE-certified technician, consultant, and Certification Manager in RepairPal’s Automotive Group, Jill Trotta, discusses numbers, volume, efficiency and what you can do to increase your bottom line.

Part II: What’s Your Delivery Style?

Have you spent the entire day working on a customer’s car where all the interactions to meet your promised time have gone off without a hitch? Everything worked out and […]