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A Shop Owner’s Guide to Handling the Most Difficult Phone Shoppers

By Bob Cooper of Elite Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. When it comes to choosing someone to take care of their automotive needs, they turn to their friends, family and co-workers for recommendations, they consider brands that they have heard of, and they search the web as well. Once they have a shop in mind, they may then either reach out over the web or stop by your shop, but the majority of your potential customers will pick up the phone and give you a call. Since you’ve spent a good amount of money to make the phone ring, and because most of today’s consumers are well-armed with information, you and your employees need to be far more than just good on the phone: You need to be extraordinary. I have created this particular guide to help you do one thing; Create an experience that will turn those difficult phone shoppers into…

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RepairPal Exec Sees Need for More Female Techs

Reprinted with permission of Tire Business By William Schertz, Tire Business staff OAKLAND, Calif. (June 23, 2015) — Jill Trotta’s first foray into automotive service began with a bug — more specifically, a Beetle, of the Volkswagen variety. Ms. Trotta, 46, who recently was named director of RepairPal Inc.’s Automotive Professional Group after two years as certification manager for the San Francisco-based firm, has spent 25 years in the automotive industry. She credits that career choice to her uncle and a wonky car. Fresh out of college in 1989, Ms. Trotta bought a used 1972 VW Beetle, a model that was notorious for mechanical problems. She was advised to make the purchase by her uncle, an automotive mechanic, who felt it would be better to teach her to fix her own vehicle than to just do it for her. “The Bug kept breaking down, which is what Volkswagen Bugs do,” she told Tire Business. “The…

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How to Close More Leads!

Jeremy O’Neal of Advisorfix has been a Service Advisor Performance Coach for the past 10 years. During that time Jeremy has logged more than 12,479 hours of coaching Service Advisors to peak performance. He shares how his clients are generating massive results with the RepairPal certified shop program.   The RepairPal certified shop program is an amazing program that helps shops generate more inbound leads. What I love about this program is that it not only provides the shop an amazing opportunity with an auto repair client who has an immediate need, but it is one of the best mystery shopping programs a shop could invest in. When I interview a potential new coaching client, one of the things I’ll ask is if they are a RepairPal certified shop, when they say yes I smile! Not only is this shop going to get a lot of great opportunities in the future, but it helps me…

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Shop Certification on the Rise

As Featured On    BY ANDREW JOHNSON Ratchet+Wrench recently featured shop certification. Here are some of the highlights... Joe Jacobs, owner of DW Campbell Tire & Auto Service in Atlanta, says many first-time customers are “scared to death” of the repair experience and rarely trust repair providers. He wanted to find a strategy to build consumer trust that would also differentiate his facility from competing shops in the market. So Jacobs earned the Top Shop certification through RepairPal in September 2012, an organization that certifies repair shops for adherence to business standards such as work quality, equipment and tooling, and training. “Certifications help shops stand out from the rest of the group. If you’re able to differentiate yourself with a third-party certification, that lends much more credence to your story,” Jacobs says. “Customers walk through your doors with much more confidence if they’re able to find that you’ve been verified for things like warranty, price, quality…

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See RepairPal Results from Real Owners!

“We get work and new customers from RepairPal referrals! RepairPal is a very polished operation and reflects well on the industry.” – Bill Dougherty, Bosch Car Service Owner, Dougherty Automotive Services West Chester, PA     “With RepairPal, I see an increase in work coming in the shop and I think it’s great is that potential customers can see my verified reviews!” – Bernie Oliveira, Bosch Car Service Owner, Bernie’s Automotive Doraville, GA   “Bottom Line: RepairPal is getting us new customers to our shop.” – Bryan Gossel, Jasper Shop Owner,BG Automotive Fort Collins, CO   “RepairPal is paying off!” – Thomas Streife, Jasper Shop Owner, A-1 Quality Car Care Palm Springs, FL   “RepairPal brings me lots of calls. Many are good. Some are out of the park great.” – Mark Fonte, Jasper Shop Owner,Dennis Automotive / Automatic Transmissions Kenner, LA   “We have seen a sharp increase in the number of conversions from caller to customer in the past weeks, some…

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