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Optimizing Your Website to Market Your Auto Repair Business

Today’s auto repair customers expect your web presence to be professional, up to date, and easy to find. Unfortunately, many auto repair shops and other small businesses often rely on their Facebook page as the only online representation of their business. 

Though it’s crucial for repair shops to have an active Facebook page to bring in customers and build their brand, it’s also important to have a website that establishes you as a trusted and professional source of repairs. Without a fully optimized website, some customers may choose to go with another service provider, a national chain, or a company they feel they can trust more because the company has a strong, modern web presence.

If your business’s website is due for a facelift, here are five ways to improve your web presence and attract new auto repair customers.

1. Consider UX (User Experience) in your web design.

User-driven design is...

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How Local Media Coverage Can Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop

As an auto repair shop owner, you may not think much about your day-to-day business is newsworthy. However, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Local news is quite different than national and even statewide news. You have everything from local papers and business journals to hometown and indie radio stations. It’s surprisingly easy to get in touch with reporters and show hosts from these types of media outlets. In addition, there are many story angles when it comes to topics like buying or selling a vehicle, and auto repair and maintenance. Consider some of these questions to discover interesting and timely topics:

  • Do cars develop a lot of rust in your area due to weather conditions?
  • What tires do best on potholes in your region?
  • Can you help clients shop for the best cars to safely handle snowy or icy weather?
  • Which model cars are the best from your experience, that keep...

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How to Make Your Auto Repair Shop Approachable to Car Novices


For the unversed car owner, taking a vehicle in for repairs can be a somewhat daunting task. Auto repair shops are notorious for being “boy’s clubs” where the answers you get are loaded with industry jargon that is not only meaningless to the novice but also intimidating. Shop owners set on maintaining that status quo in their businesses risk missing out on valuable business growth opportunities.

What do Car Novices Want?

Car novices value an attentive, non-judgmental attitude as well as a sense of humor. Translate these findings into your auto repair marketing.

  • Chat on social media. Facebook ads that target car novices can pay big dividends. When a consumer feels comfortable enough to ask you questions via your Facebook page or Twitter channel, you have the chance to be attentive and engaging in a humble and humorous manner.
  • Tweak your website. Emphasize with your site’s brand messaging that there is...

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Auto Repair Marketing That Takes a Stand & Demonstrates Authority

Talk to five different marketing pros, and you get five different answers about the ideal auto repair marketing campaign. Some are big social media fans, while others swear by upgrading a shop’s signage. Other suggestions may include an overhaul of your waiting area, a uniform phone protocol, or an investment in technician training and shop certifications, such as the coveted RepairPal-Certified designation. In fact, they are all correct.

Stand up and Be Heard

That said, there is one marketing approach that you may not yet have attempted, although it incorporates some of the earlier suggestions. Take a stand on an issue that matters to your customers and tends to be moderately divisive. In the field of auto body repair, restorations, and even maintenance, you will likely find that the use of aftermarket parts is one such issue.

Aftermarket vs. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

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How to Improve Customer Loyalty at Your Auto Repair Shop

Customer loyalty is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of increasing business at your auto repair shop. When customers are loyal to your shop, they not only come to you for any repairs they need, but they also refer their friends, family, and neighbors to your shop as well.

Here are a few things you can do today to help improve customer loyalty and foster stronger relationships with your customer base:

Use analytics to understand your customers.

There are plenty of tools available to help you better understand your customer base. By doing so, you can be more strategic in how you market your shop to new and existing customers.

Google’s free analytics tools can help you get a better sense for who is visiting your website and what they’re interested in through their “Demographics and Interests” tool....

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