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Auto repair marketing

How to Use Instagram in Your Auto Repair Marketing Plan

When it comes to auto repair marketing, it’s important to use a number of different marketing outlets in order to maximize reach to new and existing customers. However, as a small, local repair shop, your marketing budget may be tight, which means you’ll need to look for ways to engage and connect with your customers without breaking the bank. One way to attract new customers without spending anything at all is through Instagram.

Instagram is a photo sharing platform that is free to use. Businesses and individuals from all walks of life use Instagram, as it’s a great way to connect with people. Instagram has a variety of options, so you can take any photo, add a filter, and instantly, your photo looks professionally done.

There are a number of different ways you can connect with your customers on Instagram. Here are a couple:

Run a Contest

Run a contest and give away a free oil change, tire rotation, or gift card for services at your shop. Simply create a unique and engaging hashtag, and ask customers to snap photos and post to Instagram using the hashtag. After the contest ends, pick the best photos and award the prize.

Before and After Photos

Customers love to see before and after photos, and an auto repair shop has many opportunities to do just that. Take photos of cars who come in for repair before you start to work on them, and then take photos after the fact. Customers can see just how skilled your shop is when they see the time and work put into making a car look new again. Just make sure to get the customer’s permission before you post.

There are so many interesting and unique ways you can connect with customers on Instagram. For more information on affordable marketing and the RepairPal certification that can help boost your business, contact us.

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