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How New Reviews Can Lead New Customers to Your Auto Repair Business


Customer-based business is a competitive field, especially the automotive repair business. It is a constant struggle to out-market your competitors and win over local customers. You probably already utilize traditional advertising methods, coupons, or direct mail as quick attention grabbers for potential customers. However, one of the most effective, yet often overlooked, marketing tools for businesses is the use of reviews by customers and review sites.

In a world where people look to their phones and computers for answers to everything, reviews are as good as gold. The fact is that people trust the honest opinions of consumers more than they trust the advertisements of businesses, and why wouldn’t they?

In an industry as service-oriented as auto repair, potential customers want to be sure that the shop they choose is trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable. Though you may advertise yourself as such, these days, you won’t be able to persuade people on promises alone. When customers are seeking an automotive company which they may not have previous experience with, fresh customer reviews can make or break their decision to bring their car to that shop.

To get the most out of reviews, make sure that your reviews pages are staying current and active. Regularly updated reviews show customers that your company is still active and that other customers still frequent your repair shop. Also, be careful not to ignore negative reviews. One bad review can outweigh five good ones. However, businesses can combat negative reviews simply by responding to them. No company is perfect; negative reviews are a reality. However, a thoughtful and sincere response to a bad review will demonstrate to customers that your company values customer service and the opinions of its customers and that you work to resolve any issues that arise.

The value of fresh reviews from review sites cannot be overestimated. They provide your company with a positive, customer-driven image, make your company more visible in online searches, and give potential customers insight into the ethics and operations of your company.

Word of mouth has long been a way for customers to tell others about the services they’ve received from a company, and a review site does the same thing for your company, only in an electronic format that is more likely to reach today’s customers. Review sites provide consumers with a reliable source for finding the auto service they need, while reading reviews, suggestions and company details.

If you want to learn more about how fresh reviews can boost your business, contact us today. We can help increase your online reviews and drive business in your direction.


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