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3 Reasons Why Local SEO is so Important to Auto Repair Shops

You probably already know about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for making a site stand out on the internet. But unless your auto repair shop provides a highly specialized service that very few others in the country offer, you may be short-changing yourself when it comes to attracting the local customer. Here are three reasons why local SEO is so important to auto repair shops.

1. It helps you appear in local search engine results.

By default, Google will display the auto body shop listings that match the customer’s location. A Southern California driver in need of a shop with an ASE-certified technician on staff is not interested in a Chicago listing. However, unless you optimize your SEO for local searches, you may not show up in the results. This means many local customers who only search online may never even know about your shop.

2. It makes your website more targeted to your customers.

You may be the best mechanic in town, but if your marketing messages aren’t resonating with your ideal customer, they’ll move on to your competitors who appear to understand them better. Use locally optimized keywords throughout your web content, including landing pages, blog posts, and contact forms. Updating your website to speak to your local customers will make your site look more appealing to viewers and rank higher in local searches.

3. It increases positive associations.

Good reviews are always important. When you can get local customers to take a moment and rate you on Yelp or Google Reviews, you are ahead of the game. Make it easy for your clients by offering friendly, no-pressure online instructions for leaving feedback. Businesses with plenty of good reviews will rank higher in local Google listings than those without them.

Now that you know why local SEO is so important to auto repair shop owners, find additional ways to stand out from your local competition. For example, registering with an industry certification service can yield excellent benefits for the savvy business owner with a firm finger on the pulse of local SEO. Contact us today to find out what that could look like for you.

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