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Supporting Multi-Shop Operations

The RepairPal Certified Network has a wide variety of high-quality shops throughout the U.S. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop in a tiny town or a 15-bay operation in a big city, all of our shops have one thing in common: they see the benefit of working with RepairPal to grow their business. RepairPal is able to help many types of automotive repair operations grow.

MSOs (multi-shop operations) are common in the United States. There are nearly 20,000 of them. MSOs include franchise shops, corporately owned shops, and shops where one owner owns multiple locations. 10% of the 2,400 shops that are certified in the RepairPal network are MSOs.

RepairPal has installed processes to support the unique needs of MSOs. MSOs leverage our web traffic to draw new customers to their website and connect with nationally recognized companies through our partner programs.

In order to help MSOs reach their goals, we...

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Need More Sales? How to Build Customer Trust

It’s been said that people don’t buy from businesses — they buy from people. Which is why we think asking for reviews is like asking for referrals.

Let’s look at some simple ways to build trust more quickly.

Clean Up Your Advertising

A lot of advertising repels people. It brags about the business, boasts how great they are, or proudly exclaims how long it’s been around. It conveys arrogance.

Good advertising attracts people by focusing on problems the customer might be having, and then offering solutions. It shows what the customer can expect. Here are two examples:

  •   Rather than boasting “We’re experts with 30 years of experience,” try saying “Worried about being without your car? Most repairs are done in one day with an appointment.”
  •   Rather than bragging “We have factory-trained technicians,” try saying “Puzzled about how to explain what’s wrong with your car? No problem. Fill out our easy online questionnaire....

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Optimizing Your Website to Market Your Auto Repair Business

Today’s auto repair customers expect your web presence to be professional, up to date, and easy to find. Unfortunately, many auto repair shops and other small businesses often rely on their Facebook page as the only online representation of their business. 

Though it’s crucial for repair shops to have an active Facebook page to bring in customers and build their brand, it’s also important to have a website that establishes you as a trusted and professional source of repairs. Without a fully optimized website, some customers may choose to go with another service provider, a national chain, or a company they feel they can trust more because the company has a strong, modern web presence.

If your business’s website is due for a facelift, here are five ways to improve your web presence and attract new auto repair customers.

1. Consider UX (User Experience) in your web design.


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Educating Your Customers Part 3, Words That Sell

Educating Your Customers Part 3, Words That Sell

In Part 2 of this series, we said there’s more to know about selling repairs than simply explaining what the car needs. It’s the same when you attempt to educate customers. They don’t usually want to learn how cars work; instead, they’re trying to get a sense of whether they should trust you.

Professional salespeople know that everyone has a unique method of learning. This can help teach customers complicated concepts about how cars work. If you use certain words, they’ll resonate with a customer’s learning style. That builds trust.

Let’s look at five general learning styles, and how you can cater to them. Remember, though, that some people may use a mix of two or more styles, so pay attention to what seems to work and what doesn’t.

The Hearer
Few adults can grasp information simply by hearing it. A person who...

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How to Reach the Right Audience When Advertising

How to Advertise by Demographics; The Right Way

Business owners don’t have money to waste, even on advertising. Professional advertising isn’t guesswork. It is not merely something you buy. Instead, it is a skill that savvy folks learn and develop.

Is experience the best teacher for that? No, because mistakes are expensive, and they’re easy to make. Having access to demographics helps, but even that’s not enough.

Why doesn’t it work?
Data companies can sell you a list of the names and addresses of every household within 10 miles with an income between $60,000 to $200,000 and who own two or more vehicles. Those people sound like ideal customers, right?

But this doesn’t tell you anything about their spending habits. We don’t know if those people spend a reasonable amount of money to maintain their vehicles, or if they skimp on maintenance and will argue about every dime you ask them for.


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