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How to Reach the Right Audience When Advertising

How to Advertise by Demographics; The Right Way

Business owners don’t have money to waste, even on advertising. Professional advertising isn’t guesswork. It is not merely something you buy. Instead, it is a skill that savvy folks learn and develop.

Is experience the best teacher for that? No, because mistakes are expensive, and they’re easy to make. Having access to demographics helps, but even that’s not enough.

Why doesn’t it work?
Data companies can sell you a list of the names and addresses of every household within 10 miles with an income between $60,000 to $200,000 and who own two or more vehicles. Those people sound like ideal customers, right?

But this doesn’t tell you anything about their spending habits. We don’t know if those people spend a reasonable amount of money to maintain their vehicles, or if they skimp on maintenance and will argue about every dime you ask them for.


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Checklist to Get More Customers and Higher Income in the New Year

You get so busy during the day running your repair shop that it’s sometimes hard to find the time to take a step back and plan for a more prosperous future.

That’s why we created this simple checklist to help you quickly and accurately review your shop’s annual performance in…

  • Attracting new customers
  • Getting more repeat business from existing customers
  • Converting more phone calls into appointments

…and then using that information to increase your success in the next 12 months.

Download & Print: 10-Point Checklist for 2018

Part 1: Review the Previous 12 Months

If you don’t know where you are, then you’ll have a hard time reaching your destination.

This necessary first step of reviewing the past 12 months is also (thankfully) the easiest. The information is already there in your shop management system, RepairPal Shop Dashboard, accounting software, and other records.

Time-saving Tip: If you have a...

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Using Your Expertise to Connect with Customers: Your Blog (Part 2)

Earlier this month we talked about how a blog on your shop’s website can help build consumer trust, build your brand and lead to new customers. Let’s go over how to get that blog off the ground.

You’ll want to use a good variety of topics for your blog post, and then actually get them written. Once you have a few on hand, it’s time to start publishing.

Use variety in your blog posts

You’ll want to put some variety in your content. Use these ideas to create distinct, helpful articles that customers will want to read:

  • “Pattern” defects that are specific to a make or model. For example, “Does your 2005-2015 Ford’s engine rattle when you first start it? We can fix that!”
  • Basic maintenance, such as “How to check your engine’s oil...

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Low-Cost Advertising That Packs a Punch: Your Blog (Part 1)

Why do customers bring their vehicles to your shop for repairs? Because you’re an expert at it! You and your staff solve your customers’ problems, getting them back on the road as quickly and professionally as possible. Your customers appreciate this.

But, you don’t get a visit from most customers very often. So how can you build your expertise into a real marketing asset? With a blog on your shop’s website.

What can a blog do for your shop?
A blog showcases your knowledge, your abilities and your customer-focused culture. Regular posts about a variety of shop-related topics can do all this:

  • Reinforce your expertise in the auto repair field
  • Build customer loyalty and trust
  • Generate more repeat business
  • Create new customers
  • Educate consumers about vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Let you connect with the community

It’s all about your expertise!
Being an expert in your field has many benefits....

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What brings the most value to your shop?

When it comes to getting or keeping customers, there are many methods to choose from — but they aren’t all equally profitable. That brings up this question:

What brings the most value to your shop?

Here are three choices:

  1. Is it the time and money you spend on marketing, trying to reach new customers?
  2. Is it the time and money you spend on your rewards and loyalty programs, enticing your customers to keep coming back?
  3. Is it the time you spend working with dissatisfied customers, intervening before they stop doing business with you?

The answer isn’t obvious

If you’ve worked for a company that was successful in its marketing, you already know the first choice is not correct.Advertising is expensive. You spend a lot of time and effort reaching many people who will never become your customers. That metric is easy to track. Take your total expenditure on marketing activities, and...

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