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Top Events at Vision 2017

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Jeremy O’Neal, an experienced and savvy shop coach, has created a list of recommended courses to help shop owners and business managers make the most of their time at Vision:

Top Events at Vision

Thursday March 2, 2017

The Profitable Service Advisor – Presented by Jeremy O’Neal
There is a system that the top 1% of all Service Advisors use every day to create profitable sales. This course is designed to help Service Advisors understand how to create profitable sales on a daily basis. We’ll begin by helping each advisor create a plan to drive the car count needed each day through effective lead conversion and a slow day action plan. We’ll then help you understand how to build a profitable repair order that is focused on productivity and efficiency that will smash your current net profitability goals. Once you understand the new model of pricing we’ll then teach you how to master your sales process and generate massive sales. At the end of the day we finish by teaching you the Advisorfix iron clad follow up system for generating future business.

Diagnosing Top Duramax and Power Stroke Problems – Bob Barret
The GM Duramax has undergone major changes to correct numerous pattern failures since its introduction in 2000. Attendees of this course will learn to identify which engine design they are servicing and the unique issues related to it. While quite popular, the Ford Power Stroke is prone to a number of problems related to certain systems which must be understood before an accurate diagnosis can be attained. This class will focus primarily on the operating characteristics of the 6.0 and 6.4 liter engines, but we will touch on the 6.7 liter engine as well. Learn repair tips and diagnostic procedures from technicians that work on these engines every day.

Friday March 3, 2017

Owners –
Financial Strategies for Today (M4-CD) – Bob Greenwood

The one day shop business management course is an intensive one day instructional workshop reviewing today’s business realities as it applies to the financial end of the independent sector of the automotive shop industry. This course also allows the shop owner, manager and the service advisor to understand what will be required now to measure their business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to move his/her business bottom line forward and to increase personal incomes over the next five years.

Service Advisors –

The Effective Service Advisor (M10-D) – Jeremy O’Neal
An Effective Service Advisor understands that time is the most precious commodity we possess. Would you like a sneak peek into what the top 1% of Service Advisors do to create maximum sales and maximum production out of their repair facilities? We’ll teach you a systematized time management process. Through over 15385 hours of performance coaching Jeremy O’Neal has discovered and built the ultimate system that enables service advisors to squeeze every ounce of production out of every day. By utilizing this system automotive repair shops across North America are able to shatter sales records and provide the ultimate client service experience. You’ll leave with a newfound outlook on how to properly spend your time and gain an additional 1 hour of productive time to every day.


Advanced Drivability Diagnostic Strategies (T6-CD) – Kris Lewis
This seminar builds on the success of our intermittent Electrical seminar, bringing practical and real-world tests to quickly isolate to a root cause for drivability and trouble code faults. Traditional diagnostics tell us to ‘check the basics’, but that means hours of compression, vacuum, fuel pressure/volume and other time-consuming tests. So we’ve developed top-down tests for engine mechanical and engine management that help you drill down along the most effective diagnostic path. We’ll show you the latest ‘geeky’ tools like transducers and processed Scan Tool functions, but we’ll also include great ways to get results using the Scan Tools and traditional test equipment you already own. Topics include: Engine breathing tests, including Volumetric Efficiency, VE mapping & crankcase pressure; Engine fueling tests, including Fuel Trim by Condition, Rear Fuel Trim, and VE relationships; Simplified cylinder contribution & misfire detection strategies and root-cause analysis.

Saturday March 4, 2017


Bookkeeping Fundamentals (M12-E) – Bob Ward sponsored by:WARDDEN Perpetual Business
The QuickBooks world of Assets, Liabilities, Debits, Credits, Depreciation, Revenue, Gross profit, Margins, and more are explained in this introduction to bookkeeping. This class provides the foundational knowledge of how bookkeeping works and how to comfortably navigate a Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Everything you want to know about bookkeeping basics will be explained simply and easily. Quick comprehension quizzes along the way will ensure that you’re retaining the lessons. If you wish to understand the terminology, mathematics, and become conversant in the language of “Accounting,” you’ll enjoy this session. And, it’s a great precursor for our Advanced P&L Management class.

Service Advisors

Managing Your Shop Workflow (M16-F) – Greg Marchand sponsored by:CARQUEST Technical Institute. Workflow in the shop is critical to creating high levels of technician productivity and customer satisfaction. How is work most efficiently dispatched? What does a solid quality control program look like? How are estimates being created? Where are the inefficiencies hiding? A repair shop’s money comes from technician productivity. This means moving work through the shop efficiently, communicating effectively, and always being on top of your game. This program explores industry best practices related to technician efficiency, communication, and quality control.


Leveraging Technologies to Streamline Diagnosis and Repair (T22-E) – Eric Ziegler   
This course covers a variety of new technologies that many technicians and shop owners are not aware of. Many of these technologies can be used to streamline diagnostics, repair, record keeping, data storage, data sharing, information access and more. Many different options will be covered, including but not limited to: smart phone apps, valuable web sites, file storage and sharing options, non-automotive software applications and some new diagnostic tool options. All of the tools and techniques discussed will be accompanied by actual cases of how they have been effectively used. This is not only a class where technicians benefit, service writers and shop owners will pick up some valuable tips as well.

Sunday March 5, 2017

Owners & Service Advisors

Engagement – Creating a Sales Explosion (M20-G) – Jeremy O’Neal The best companies on the planet have learned how to engage their customers in the buying process. Engagement will help students understand how to move beyond rapport and create client for life referral relationships through the power of engagement. By focusing all your attention on the client you’ll learn how to align your goals with your clients goals that ignites the catalyst for your desired sales explosion. The process of engagement will teach the importance of strategic listening skills and how to connect with clients of all behavioral types. Adapting your communication style to match the preferred communication style of your client will move you beyond surface rapport and create true engagement at a trusted service advisor level. You’ll be viewed as the expert.


Transmission Diagnostics for the Non-Trans Tech (T50-G) – Scott Shotton   
Transmissions have been controlled by computers for a long time. As a result, transmission issues can be electrical or hydraulic/mechanical in nature. When a vehicle with a transmission issue rolls into a shop it is often “shipped” to a transmission shop. Why? A perfectly capable technician who can accurately diagnose an engine issue could tackle the transmission issue. Why lose the customer? This course outlines a logical process for attacking transmission failures. Using tools and techniques that driveability technicians already possess, we will discuss how to draw the line between an electrical problem or an internal transmission issue. Basic knowledge of automatic transmissions is a plus, but this course is geared towards non-transmission technicians.

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