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Honor, Courage, Commitment

Cars never break down at convenient times.  For Jacquie Kemmerer, it was especially difficult timing.  She lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona and she was in a military funeral procession on the way to the cemetery in her Jeep Cherokee when, as as she puts it “the radiator literally blew up”.  

She wasn’t in her own neighborhood, so she didn’t know what shops were nearby or whom she could trust.  She called her insurance provider, USAA, to see if they could offer her any suggestions.  They referred her to a RepairPal Certified shop nearby, Sun City Exxon Auto Care.  Jacquie called the owner, Raymond Sanchez, and explained her situation.  He immediately sprang into action, making Jacquie a priority.  He towed her car to his shop, changed the radiator and the hoses and got the job done the same day.

But Jacquie’s woes weren’t...

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RepairPal would like to help!

We know many of you in Houston have been hit hard by the storms and weather, and are literally underwater. We at RepairPal, are here for you…

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Stuck?!? A RepairPal Shop Gets A Customer Back On The Road… And How!

Uh oh. Robert C. of Hewitt, New Jersey was stuck on I-80 near Michigan City, NJ on a trip to Illinois. He was towed off the freeway to a nearby motel, but just didn’t feel confident in the tow truck driver’s auto repair shop recommendation. He googled “Mercedes Benz repair in Michigan City, IN” and RepairPal came up first in the search results.

He called Cannon’s Automotive intending to leave a message and was delighted to reach someone, even though it was well past closing time. They promised to have a tow truck pick him up at 7 am the next morning and bring his car into the shop. The diagnostic revealed some serious issues, so Cannon’s service manager called in a senior technician on his day off, specifically to work on Robert’s car.

After a couple of days, with consistent communication and excellent service throughout, including allowing Robert’s family...

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