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Wrenching Women Wednesday with Katie French, featuring Emily Voight, Automotive Technician

Wrenching Women Wednesday with Katie French, featuring Emily Voight

Each week for Wrenching Women Wednesday, we focus our efforts on shining a light on Women in Automotive and their journey’s in automotive. This week, we would like to introduce Emily Voight, Automotive Technician in Indiana. Some of Emily’s accomplishments include:

  • GM ASEO Graduate
  • AS Graduate from Ivy Tech
  • ASE Master Certification

This is Emily’s story

I’m Emily Voight, and I am an automotive technician. I graduated from the General Motors ASEP program almost 24 years ago with an Associates Degree. I have worked in GM dealerships my entire career. I am ASE Master Certified, and have earned several Mark of Excellence Awards from GM.

I started this adventure with zero experience. I had never changed a tire- never changed my own oil. I knew nothing. It was daunting, but I had some great support and training from the guys I apprenticed with and worked with.

I know some women deal with a lot of harassment or prejudice getting into a field like this, but I was lucky enough to be welcomed in and treated fairly. To be honest, the customers can be more judgmental than other techs.

I changed oil for a year or two, then worked with our electrical and drivability technician. He taught me how to diagnose problems, use common sense, and that an expensive toolbox will never make you any money lol. He worked out of a box his dad used. 

I’ve done a little bit of everything in this field, but I now specialize in electrical, drivability, HVAC, and interior trim work. 

It’s a fun job, if you enjoy problem solving and learning every day. You never know what is going to come through the door. 

My advice is: always ask questions (there are no stupid questions)

If you borrow a tool twice, you better buy one!

Expensive tools and boxes don’t make you a better tech!

And most importantly, just because you’ve never seen anyone that looks like you doing something, it doesn’t mean that YOU can’t do it!

I am almost always the only woman tech at training, or at awards ceremonies. People will take notice of you, especially if you are good at what you do. And that’s okay. I’ve had people I’ve never met come up and ask me “are you that lady mechanic that works on the Eastside? I’ve heard you’re the best!” Sometimes you make a reputation for yourself just by doing things right, and being honest about it. People will notice.

-Emily Voight

About Katie French

Katie French, Wrenching Women Wednesday

Katie French, founder of Wrenching Women Wednesday, is an Automotive Repair Expert at RepairPal. Her love for the automotive industry began at a young age learning how to fix bicycles and driving around the neighborhood in a pink Power Wheels Jeep. To pursue a career in the field, Katie attended NEIT for Advanced Automotive Technology out in East Greenwich, RI. Since graduating from the automotive program, Katie has worn many hats in the auto industry over the years, and has treated every day as a school day. She currently is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management with a concentration in Fleet Management from Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, MO. In her free time, Katie enjoys empowering women in skilled trades, Jeep builds, and spending time with her family.

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