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Alexandra Buchanan, Diesel Technician for Kenworth of Louisville, Wrenching Women Wednesday

Wrenching WomenWednesday with Katie French, featuring Alexandra Buchanan

Each week for Wrenching Women Wednesday, we focus our efforts on shining a light on Women in Automotive and their journey. This week, we would like to introduce Alexandra Buchanan, Diesel Technician for Kenworth of Louisville, Kentucky. Alendandra has an Associate Degree in Diesel Technology Applied Sciences, Certifications for Bendix, Haldex, Cummins, and MACS 609, and she is the first Female mechanic to earn the Woman in Trucking Scholarship (2017).

This is Alexandra’s story

I grew up with a single mother who became a truck driver when I was four years old, so we spent our summers together in the truck. Fast-forward to when I was ten years old, we stopped at a shop and I saw a Cummins engine torn apart. I asked my Mom, “Hey, do they (diesel mechanics) make a lot of money? Because that’s what I want to do when I grow up!” My mom said, “Go for it!” 

Once I turned eighteen, I attended Ohio Technical College for Automotive with Diesel applications. After only one week in, I knew I wanted to dive straight into the Diesel Technology curriculum instead. I called my mom and told her I wanted to switch and once again, she said,”Go for it!” Once I had her blessing, I jumped right into it.

College wasn’t easy by any means, but I had to fight until the end. In 2017, I finally graduated and set off to pursue and achieve my dreams in the diesel industry.

I’m now five years into my career and I absolutely love the experiences, the failures, and achievements I’ve made so far. Honestly, it’s because of the support I have from my Mom who’s still in the trucking industry. I always tell people, “she drives them, I fix them.”

My advice to anyone looking to learn a trade: If you want to do something, don’t allow anyone to hold you back. Your opportunities are endless- so chase your dreams and be your own hero.

Alexandra Buchanan

About Katie French

Katie French, founder of Wrenching Women Wednesday, is an Automotive Repair Expert at RepairPal. Her love for the automotive industry began at a young age learning how to fix bicycles and driving around the neighborhood in a pink Power Wheels Jeep. To pursue a career in the field, Katie attended NEIT for Advanced Automotive Technology out in East Greenwich, RI. Since graduating from the automotive program, Katie has worn many hats in the auto industry over the years, and has treated every day as a school day. She currently is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management with a concentration in Fleet Management from Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, MO. In her free time, Katie enjoys empowering women in skilled trades, Jeep builds, and spending time with her family.

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