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Wrenching Women Wednesday with Katie French, featuring Diane Levine

Each week for Wrenching Women Wednesday, we focus our efforts on shining a light on Women in Automotive and their journey’s in automotive. This week, we would like to introduce Diane Levine, Owner of Vroom Vroom Girl and VP of Sales and Marketing, Board of Directors member for the Quarter Mile Foundation.

This is Diane's story

I have been in the automotive industry off and on since the late 1970s. I have held a variety of positions from gas station attendant, parts counter person, dealer contract specialist, custom car builder representative, assistant to the corporate hospitality director at Sonoma Raceway, to marketing coordinator. My experience in other industries include: all things catering, mortgage processing and selling medical billing and coding.

I am the proud owner/operator of Vroom Vroom Girl, a company that sells car-themed apparel and jewelry at car shows and online. Being at car events allows me to have face-to-face conversations with car owners, builders and enthusiasts alike. I am also the VP of Sales and Marketing and on the Board of Directors for the Quarter Mile Foundation, a non-profit organization that chronicles the legends of drag racing through videoed interviews.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on my own cars. I bought my first car at 17 years old, a 1973 Dodge Charger SE. I wasn’t afraid to tear it apart- I learned as I went. With the help of friends, and working at a parts house, the engine swap began. A 440 Interceptor motor went in. The research and lineage of the classic automobile is also fascinating to me. I am currently working on my 1955 Hudson Hornet. My other cars are a 1968 Dodge D100 and a 2015 Dodge Challenger RT.

I am the youngest of six girls, though I am the only one that fell in love with cars and the industry. I am a huge advocate of the automotive industry; past, present, and future and passionate about the success of women in automotive and other trades. Though I am proud to have been successful in other industries, being in this industry is like being at home, and you could not belong to a better family!

About Katie French

Katie French is an Automotive Repair Expert at RepairPal. Her love for the automotive industry began at a young age learning how to fix bicycles and driving around the neighborhood in a pink Power Wheels Jeep. To pursue a career in the field, Katie attended NEIT for Advanced Automotive Technology out in East Greenwich, RI. Since graduating from the automotive program, Katie has worn many hats in the auto industry over the years, and has treated every day as a school day. She currently is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management with a concentration in Fleet Management from Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, MO. In her free time, Katie enjoys empowering women in skilled trades, Jeep builds, and spending time with her family.

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