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Using YouTube Videos to Engage New Auto Repair Customers

If you have spent any time on social media at all, you know that YouTube is the premier place to post your marketing videos. The visual content giant boasts more than one billion users and rivals American cable networks in reaching the 18 to 49 demographic. Viewer numbers are up by 40 percent since 2014. In short, YouTube is another excellent resource to help you find new auto repair customers for your shop.

Standing Out is a Must

Since YouTube is such a popular social media platform now, plenty of competitors will have had a similar idea. Can you still advertise your shop and benefit from the process? Yes, you can; however, it may call for a departure from your regular blogging or vlogging content.

3 Tips for Creating a Video That Can Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop

Once you have set up your YouTube account, it is time to create the content that introduces consumers to your business. Start by following these three simple steps:

1. Make your video relevant.

If a long-time customer asked you a question related to paintless dent repair or windshield replacements, personalize the video by addressing her or him directly. Present an easy-to-follow narrative that answers the question. Remember to present yourself as a friendly expert; there is little need for insider jargon.

2. Tag bona fide car guys.

There are members of the local hobbyist community who are also on YouTube uploading their how-to guides for polishing the weekend ride or showing a car at an event. When your video’s topic touches on an issue that would be germane to one of these experts’ presentations, be sure to tag the individual. By doing this, you may increase YouTube channel subscribers and build trust within the hobbyist community.

3. Don’t just tell them; show them!

It is not enough to say that your technicians are top-notch experts in their trade. Instead, feature your technicians in clean, pressed uniforms looking busy at work. Stand in front of your entrance door that features the RepairPal certification decal, stickers attesting to professional memberships in local organizations, and similar window graphics.

Before you head to YouTube to find new auto repair customers, contact our specialists to learn more about RepairPal and how our certification program can help you generate new business for your shop.

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