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increase business at your auto repair shop

Use Surveys to Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to running an auto repair business, one of the questions you may frequently ask yourself is “How do I increase business at my auto repair shop?” While there are many ways to do this, often, the best way to determine how to give your business a boost is to simply ask how your customers feel about the service you’re currently providing.

As you probably already know, when your customers leave your shop feeling dissatisfied, you’ll find yourself losing business—fast. In order to understand what’s going on inside the minds of your customers and ensure they’re having positive experiences, you need to provide them an outlet to convey their thoughts. This can be easily done by using customer satisfaction surveys.

When conducted properly, surveys can give you the answers you’re looking for and can help you see the strengths and weaknesses that can inform better strategies for increasing business. Surveys can be set up on your social media page, website, or through a paper survey or comment card provided to the customer at the end of the transaction.

A survey should incorporate a mix of multiple choice questions with longer-form questions that provide a place for customers to add handwritten comments about their experience. Taking the time to read these comments and reach out to customers personally shows you are committed to their satisfaction and the bettering of your business.

A customer who promised he’d never come back to your shop may change his mind after you reach out to him to make amends or to apologize for a bad experience. Not only does that personal connection increase your chances of retaining his business, but the positive interaction means good word-of-mouth advertising, which will draw in even more customers.

If you’re looking for ways to set up a survey or need more ideas when it comes to advertising or marketing your auto repair business, contact us today.

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