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How to Use the Call Recorder Feature on the Shop Dashboard to Improve Sales for Your Repair Shop

While the most popular feature of RepairPal Certification is the steady stream of quality new customers to your shop every month, there is a treasure trove of additional perks to help your shop increase revenue.

Today we’ll explore one of the hidden gems, the Call Recorder.

This is the first in a series of posts exploring the many features of RepairPal Certification. Future readers can click here to see all posts in this series.

Every RepairPal Certified Shop gets a profile that includes a special phone number and contact link. This is how we track who comes to your shop from our program.

This works seamlessly…your customer connects directly to you, and there is no delay.

However, on the back end, the call is recorded and logged for your convenience.

When you log into your Shop Dashboard, you can see every single customer contact we’ve sent you that day, week, month, or year. AND you can listen to the recorded calls at your convenience.

Why would a shop owner want to listen to incoming calls?

These recordings are available to RepairPal Certified Shops for 3 big reasons:

#1: Judge the effectiveness of your service advisor. Recorded calls make it easy to diagnose problems and recognize wins at your convenience. Coaching is easy with recorded calls, whether you’re correcting behavior or sharing good practices with the team.

#2: Discover what kinds of ROs you’re getting through RepairPal. Knowing what’s most popular makes it easier to anticipate customer needs—and get stellar reviews for knowing what they want ahead of time.

#3: Track your success rate. Is the caller a likely customer? Did you get the RO? Is it a repeat customer? These kinds of statistics help you improve your close rate—and your bottom line.
Ed Kushman, the chairman-elect of the Automotive Service Association and vice president of C&H Foreign Auto Repair in Spokane, WA, sees the value in this service.

He recently told Ratchet+Wrench that a similar phone recording system alone would cost him way more than his total monthly RepairPal investment. Ed uses the Call Recorder to monitor the phone and sales skills of his team members.

This feature helps him determine what to emphasize during his training sessions with staff.

Over-the-shoulder feedback like this just isn’t possible in most busy repair shops. The Call Recorder feature makes it convenient for you to stay on top of your shop’s customer communication and sales processes at your convenience.

And the ability to laser-focus coaching to get the best out of your team is almost worth the price of certification alone.

RepairPal Certified Shops gain access to these recordings along with many other benefits. Click here if you’re curious what Certified status can do for your shop—and for your profits.

And stay tuned for our next feature profile, when we show you how to use the Fair Price Estimator to reduce haggling and cut down the time spent with price shoppers.

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