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Auto repair marketing

Auto Repair Marketing: How Video Content can Help

There used to be a time when an auto repair marketing strategy was as simple as providing excellent service, presenting customers with a clean shop, and hanging up some store signs. The rapid advances of internet advertising and social media influencers have upped the ante for marketing, and the latest trend involves video content.

Understanding the Importance of Video Content

Cisco has updated its forecast of internet usage and noted that video traffic will make up 82 percent of all online traffic by 2020. Savvy marketers understand that this means websites with attractively presented video content will garner more visitors than those that lack it.

Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs Video Marketing

Remember that Millennials are quickly becoming the largest demographic to power the economy. This generation embraces social media. Video content is shareable, which means that one well-put-together video has the potential to reach a large group of individuals rather quickly. Doing so spreads your name and logo, as well as your branding message.

The How-to of Auto Repair Marketing Videos

How do you put together a great video?

  • Get help. Investing in a marketing firm that handles video production is money well spent. Could you do it yourself with a video camera? Yes, but remember that the quality of this video would be judged in the same way that you judge the late-night cable channel commercials, versus the ones put together professionally that run a little earlier in the evening.
  • Become the friendly car expert. Show your customers what happens to an engine when oil changes are neglected. Do so in a personable, cordial, yet professional manner. Create multiple videos that feature common repairs you handle in your shop. Explain the processes and procedures, which helps current customers feel more knowledgeable about what happens after they drop off their vehicles.
  • Have the right background. Your company’s name and logo should always be in the background. The same is true for your industry certifications and memberships. For example, if you are a RepairPal-certified shop, have this mention displayed in the background for folks to see as they view your videos.


Still not RepairPal certified? Contact us today to learn more about earning a RepairPal certification and membership, and what this can mean for your shop.

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