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Supporting Multi-Shop Operations

The RepairPal Certified Network has a wide variety of high-quality shops throughout the U.S. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop in a tiny town or a 15-bay operation in a big city, all of our shops have one thing in common: they see the benefit of working with RepairPal to grow their business. RepairPal is able to help many types of automotive repair operations grow.

MSOs (multi-shop operations) are common in the United States. There are nearly 20,000 of them. MSOs include franchise shops, corporately owned shops, and shops where one owner owns multiple locations. 10% of the 2,400 shops that are certified in the RepairPal network are MSOs.

RepairPal has installed processes to support the unique needs of MSOs. MSOs leverage our web traffic to draw new customers to their website and connect with nationally recognized companies through our partner programs.

In order to help MSOs reach their goals, we provide them with a valuable RepairPal experience including:

  • A dedicated representative for support and program optimization
  • Detailed monthly reporting and QBRs
  • Guidance in identifying the best markets to add locations into our network
  • Independent vetting of MSO locations to uncover opportunities for internal process improvements
  • Assistance in working with and closing “price shoppers”
  • A discounted fee through an annual subscription

A Dedicated Representativefor All of Your Needs

Most MSOs have a marketing contact that works directly with an account manager at RepairPal. When MSOs have questions or concerns, they have direct communication with one person. Their account manager will also work with the MSO on program optimization and how to get the most from their RepairPal experience.

Detailed Monthly Reporting and QBRs

In order to ensure that MSOs are making a return on their marketing investment, we provide them with monthly reporting that clearly details how many referrals we have delivered, and which of those referrals converted into closed invoices. We also calculate conversion rates and coach shop employees on improving those rates.

RepairPal is constantly growing, so we also provide a quarterly business review to make sure MSOs know about new referral channels, new technologies, and new opportunities to increase their return on investment.

MSO Location Selection Optimization

RepairPal is unlike many other marketing or technology platforms in the automotive industry. Locations must pass our certification process before they can be a part of our network. Secondly, we are careful in adding shops to our network so that we don’t oversaturate markets and under-deliver results.

We have the ability to take a list of locations and map it against three data points:

  • ZIP codes that have above-average web traffic
  • ZIP codes where our warranty partner traffic calls for more shop coverage
  • ZIP codes where our towing partner traffic warrants more shop coverage

Using this map of data points, we can then identify which locations, within an MSO, will receive the best value from the RepairPal program.

Zip Codes Around the Atlanta area where we need more shop coverage.

MSO Third-Party Shop Vetting

One service that we provide to MSO operations managers and marketers is a third-party independent vetting of locations within an MSO. RepairPal has vetted over 5,500 shops nationwide. Our certification process scores four areas: Shop warranty, customer service, tools and equipment, and technician training. RepairPal will look at these areas and suggest shop operational improvements. Locations that pass this vetting can then be added to the RepairPal Certified Network.

Assistance in Closing ‘Price Shoppers’

The RepairPal Fair Price Estimator is a tool that helps shops build trust and transparency with their customers. It is free to all RepairPal Certified Shops and can be added to the shop’s website. It provides third-party verification of fair repair pricing and is currently used by companies like NAPA and Consumer Reports.

It includes labor time from industry standard labor guides, parts pricing by MSRP, and labor rates calculated by ZIP codes. It offers friendly customer explanations of repairs and acts as the “second opinion” for consumers. It helps to remove the need for additional price verification from other sources and prevents customers from calling a competing shop. The Fair Price Estimator is that third-party voice.

We support the right repair with the right parts; in this example, the exhaust manifold is attached to the catalytic converter.

All in all, we support the multi-shop operations that are currently part of our network, and the operations that will soon become part of our network. Our guarantee is that we will support these shops and help them get the most from the RepairPal program. MSOs have goals and needs that may be slightly different than an independent shop, but we can support MSOs and ensure they are as successful, just like every shop in the RepairPal network.

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