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attract new auto repair customers

Simple Tricks to Help You Attract New Auto Repair Customers

If you’re in the auto repair business, one of your number one goals is likely to establish yourself as the go-to neighborhood shop. But how do you attract new auto repair customers when they don’t even know when they’ll need you? Auto repair is often an unexpected crisis. When a frustrated car owner is looking for a reliable repair shop, how do you get their attention and convince them you’re the right choice?

Here are some simple yet effective ways to attract new customers and keep your shop top of mind.

  • Provide FREE diagnostic checks—and not just when asked. Advertise it proudly and be sure current and potential customers know about it.
  • When suggesting additional maintenance at the bottom of an invoice, include estimated prices. Don’t make the customer ask. (They usually won’t.) Give them all the information they need, without a pushy sales pitch. They can read it over on their time and discuss it with a spouse at home.

Think of fun, easy reasons to get people into your shop—before they need you.

  • Offer a free one-hour lesson on changing tires to high school kids once a month. Parents will love you, and you’ll be the first shop they think of when they need a repair!
  • Point out low tires to strangers, and offer to fill them free if they swing by your shop. (Don’t forget to pass along your business card!) They’ll remember that small, thoughtful gesture next time they need a friendly repairman.

Take advantage of free advertising.

  • Sponsor a local sports team or community event. Not only does this show people that you care about your community, but it also gets your name on a bunch of t-shirts or banners that are displayed around town.
  • Create small, branded products that people use regularly and give them away for free at your front desk. Key chains, zip drives, and ink pens are all great options.

Contact us for the best tricks to keeping the customers coming!

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