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4 Ways RepairPal Makes it Simple to Attract New Auto Repair Customers

Is your auto repair shop looking for a new way to ramp up business and increase your bottom line? Well, look no further! At RepairPal we offer shop owners a marketing program that ensures they receive new auto repair customers. Our site attracts millions of visitors each month, putting your company in front of many eager consumers.

It is well-known that marketing is a key aspect to any business and the main reason many businesses never exceed five years or create steady growth. Without the proper marketing tools in place and real traffic geared toward that marketing plan, your business could become a flop well before it ever reaches the top.

The RepairPal business model is designed with the repair shop in mind, so we can conveniently drive more traffic toward your business and simplify the repair shopping experience for consumers.

Here are four ways RepairPal promises to get new customers in the doors of your auto repair shop, resulting in more business revenue:

1. Exposure

Our website receives over 4 million visitors a month, which means a steady stream of potential leads for your business. Not only are we substantiated by the direct visitors we receive to our website, we are also partnered with AARP. This exclusive partnership gives us access to their 37 million members.

2. Mobile Website

Many consumers these days shop and perform searches from the comfort of their smartphones. We have optimized our website so that it may be viewed perfectly from a cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device, making it easier for customers to access information about your shop on the go.

3. National Tows

Our tow program partners with insurance companies nationwide to bring RepairPal certified shops more business. Whenever a tow is needed, our tow drivers can pick up a needy vehicle and take it to a local, certified auto shop for repairs.

4. Certification

Every auto repair shop that wants to sign up with us will undergo an inspection of services, prices, quality, and other key factors. Once passed, your business will become RepairPal Certified and, therefore, more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

To join our stellar marketing platform, contact us today and get those new customers rolling in!

Let's grow your repair business

Learn how RepairPal will help you improve trust with both new and existing customers. Your shop will increase retention, improve conversion, and attract new business.