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attract and retain auto repair customers

Perfect Your Customer Experience to Attract and Retain Auto Repair Customers

When we talk with auto repair shop owners who ask us, “How do I increase business at my auto repair shop,” we always ask them to evaluate the customer service experience at their shops. These days it’s not enough to simply provide quality professional car repair services. The truth is that customer experience plays a huge role in how well your business can attract and retain auto repair customers. How would you rate your customers’ experiences with your staff, facility, and services? Take a look at some of these tips, and see how you stack up.

Avoid a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach

Just like the cars you repair, every customer should be treated as an individual. For example, when dealing with a hobbyist who knows a thing or two about cars, it pays to take a different approach that accounts for the customer’s expertise. For the busy mother with toddlers in tow, the opportunity to talk shop is most likely limited; she requires a personalized approach that gets her in and out of your shop in record time.

Be the Friendly Neighborhood Mechanic

For the customer who would not be able to tell the difference between a distributor and an alternator, the shop jargon some auto repair professionals use is confusing and even intimidating. Confusion leads to frustration, and this type of irritation rarely results in positive Yelp! reviews. Posts made by happy customers, as we have previously discussed, are vital to growing the business.

A study by Deloitte Digital and Adobe measured customer happiness of car buyers at dealerships. Some of their findings, however, translate well to the automotive repair shop environment. If you or your staff’s approach lacks personalization and relies heavily on insider terms and niche jargon, you miss the opportunity to become the friendly neighborhood mechanic who provides excellent service and easy-to-understand explanations.

Show You’re Trustworthy

To increase business at any auto repair shop, it is crucial that customers trust the business. Doing so can be a snap when you show your membership in industry-governing organizations. Show off window decals to highlight professional associations. Case in point is your designation as a RepairPal Certified shop. If this is one certification you are still missing, contact us today to get started.

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