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Make Your Auto Repair Shop Approachable

How to Make Your Auto Repair Shop Approachable to Car Novices


For the unversed car owner, taking a vehicle in for repairs can be a somewhat daunting task. Auto repair shops are notorious for being “boy’s clubs” where the answers you get are loaded with industry jargon that is not only meaningless to the novice but also intimidating. Shop owners set on maintaining that status quo in their businesses risk missing out on valuable business growth opportunities.

What do Car Novices Want?

Car novices value an attentive, non-judgmental attitude as well as a sense of humor. Translate these findings into your auto repair marketing.

  • Chat on social media. Facebook ads that target car novices can pay big dividends. When a consumer feels comfortable enough to ask you questions via your Facebook page or Twitter channel, you have the chance to be attentive and engaging in a humble and humorous manner.
  • Tweak your website. Emphasize with your site’s brand messaging that there is no such thing as a stupid question. While automotive hobbyists may roll their eyes at your explanations of a timing belt’s function, they nevertheless scroll down to the more advanced tutorials. The novice who may feel embarrassed about not knowing that information will appreciate your back-to-basics approach.
  • Court the Yelp! review. The easiest marketing tool for your auto shop is a bevy of positive reviews left by happy customers. Having a sign in your waiting room that encourages these reviews is easy to put together. Another great tool is the post-repair follow-up call. Take the time to chat with your customer for a few minutes to ensure that the vehicle is working well and everything is in order. Doing so makes a great impression but also effortlessly propels the customer to leave the review if he or she has not already done so.

Build Trust Through Your Auto Repair Marketing

Draw attention to the fact that your shop has invested time, money, and effort to meet the rules put in place by governing bodies and rating organizations in the automotive field. Certifications and professional affiliations are a must. Case in point is a RepairPal certification that quickly helps you to differentiate yourself from others in your field. Contact us to get started today!


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