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7 Lead Generation Tips for Auto Repair Shops on a Shoestring Budget

Attracting new customers for your shop may seem like an expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, here are seven lead generation tips for auto repair shops that you can put into practice even on a tight budget.

1. Tweak your landing page.

Considered the gate to your website, this page welcomes first-time visitors. If it does not feature a clear call to action–“sign up for our newsletter” or “make your appointment for a complimentary service evaluation”–it is time to add one now.

2. Offer incentives.

What do you provide to the consumer who is willing to share an email address with you? Coupons for oil changes and free tire rotations are always good options.

3. Encourage current customers to share friends’ information.

Offer your customers a great deal on their next service appointments if they refer one, two, or more friends to you.

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4. Blog with an eye on audience participation.

A well-done automotive blog should offer insights into the business, how-to tips, and seasonal car care advice. Invite readers to send you questions and solicit their input on certain topics. For example, you might request ideas for getting a car ready for winter or packing a car to hold the maximum amount of vacation gear.

5. Send out a regular newsletter.

You can generate more leads and stay top-of-mind simply by sending out frequent newsletters. Include your latest blog post, as well as shareable content. Great ideas include video tutorials and memes, which are ideal for posting to social media sites. Add share buttons for social media, and encourage newsletter sign-ups.

6. Offer how-to guides.

More comprehensive than blogs or videos, these downloadable guides combine the written word with images. Keep them free of charge, but require an email address for the download. Search engine optimize the page featuring these guides with local keywords so that more of your target customers will click.

7. Demonstrate your commitment to quality.

When you voluntarily submit to the stringent criteria set forth by industry rating organizations, you prove to the consumer that you are an auto repair shop that meets independent oversight standards. In return, your customers will see that you are committed to ensuring quality and accountability.

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