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increase business at your auto repair shop

Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop by Improving Relationship Quality and Strengthening the Customer Loyalty Chain

It’s a question that is rarely far from your mind as an auto repair shop owner or service advisers: How can I increase business at my auto repair shop?

According to recent findings in the Journal of Creating Value, auto repair shops need to put just as much effort into relationships as they do repairs. After conducting a telephone survey of a random sample of 408 customers of auto repair and maintenance services, three crucial points emerged:

1. Customer loyalty is highly dependent on the concept of “service fairness,” or the degree to which customers are treated with politeness, dignity, and respect by the repair team. Whether they’re involved in outlining the options or performing the actual repairs, your shop attendants should take great care to ensure that every customer has a positive and pleasant experience.

2. Relationship quality encompasses the concepts of satisfaction, commitment, and trust, and is ultimately the main determinant of customer loyalty. Create a company culture that is hyper-focused on building and maintaining good relationships with your customers. Quality customer service and a positive perception of service fairness can make up for issues that are outside of your control or external influences on service quality.

3. More than any other factor, customers expressed the desire to be fairly treated at every point of contact. If a customer feels they’ve been cheated, taken advantage of, or lied to, you can bet they won’t be back. The researchers even noted that positive experiences led to improved perceptions of service quality. Because of this, customer loyalty is only created when high-quality, professional repairs are coupled with fair and honest customer service.

It’s reassuring to know that, as auto service professionals, our positive actions can lead to loyal, long-term relationships with our clients. Of course, these points only work if the customers come through your door in the first place! RepairPal steers millions of consumers each month to auto repair shops that excel in quality and service. Feel free to contact us today and become our next partner.

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