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Find New Auto Repair Customers by Emphasizing Your ASE Certification

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a widely recognized certifying entity within the car repair industry. Although you do not have to have earned an ASE certification to offer customers excellent repair services, having this designation tells consumers that you take your craft seriously, have the skills needed to complete the repairs, and will do so on time and within budget. When you’re looking to find new auto repair customers, this is one step you do not want to neglect. So, what happens next?

Do not be shy when it comes to tooting your own horn. Nobody will do it for you.

  • Become RepairPal Certified

    If you meet certain criteria, such as a proven business record of at least six months and ongoing training program participation, your shop may qualify for a certification from RepairPal. Leveraging the service’s sizable monthly web traffic gets eyeballs looking at your shop.

  • Incorporate ASE Credentials on Your RepairPal Listing

    Whether you hold a seal of excellence certification (which means that three-quarters of your technicians are certified) or employ certified or master technicians, highlight this fact within your RepairPal listing and across all of your online channels.

  • Add ASE Information to Your Signage

    One of the most inexpensive steps you can take is to order ASE certification decals, which your local sign maker should offer for just a few dollars. Place these decals on your existing signage, display them as window graphics, or affix them to walls to let customers know about your certification status.

Don’t be shy about drawing attention to the value-added advantages that your shop offers to motorists. Ultimately, it shows both new and existing customers that you care about the service your provide. To learn more about finding new auto repair customers for your shop, contact us today.

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