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how becoming a mission based company can help build your business

How Becoming a Mission-Based Company Can Help Your Business Thrive

Customers increasingly want to see the human side of companies. They want to know their money is going to a company that gives as much as it takes, and because of that, they often prefer to support companies that work towards a greater goal.

Brakes for Breasts is a great example of a mission-based company in the auto repair industry. The company works with auto companies around the country to raise money for breast cancer research. They have raised over $200,000 by encouraging auto shops to donate 10 percent of their brake service revenue during the month of October.

In addition to showing your customers that you care, becoming a mission-based company can help build trust, increase employee satisfaction, and reach a wider audience for your product or service.

To become a mission-based company, find a cause that will benefit the world. This cause could be anything from giving shoes to impoverished kids to providing money for Crohn’s Disease research.

Once you find a worthy cause, do what you can to promote your company’s mission. Promotion tactics include running advertisements that emphasize your support for your mission, creating a web page and linking to it on your business website, and holding free events themed around or in support of your mission.

Auto Bowl 15 is a great example of a mission-based company creating an event that promotes their mission. Fun events like these create awareness for your company, as well as your company’s mission. It’s a win-win situation.

Becoming a mission based company takes time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it. You, your company, and your employees will feel more fulfilled and therefore work harder every day.

At RepairPal, we’re determined to provide an excellent service while supporting a great cause. Contact us for more information.

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