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How to Find New Auto Repair Customers on Social Media

When word-of-mouth advertising and your direct mail campaigns seem to have stalled, you can find new auto repair customers on social media. But there is more to engaging prospective clients than simply setting up a Facebook page and hoping for the best.

Know the User

Different social media platforms attract different audiences. Data from the Pew Research Center explains that 71 percent of internet users have Facebook. The only age group that has seen a drop in engagement is the demographic aged between 30 and 49. The biggest increase in use is in the over-65 group. Twitter engages about 23 percent of internet users. All demographics have seen increases in use. The same goes for Instagram, which boasts 26 percent of internet user interest. Thus, when you want to go for the largest potential for being seen, Facebook is your best bet.

Defining Your Social Media Marketing Approach via CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is little more than a set of engagement strategies that define your interactions with prospective clients. Usually, it requires you to analyze the interactions you have with your customers at the shop. (There are plenty of small business CRM programs and apps that let you do that.) When you apply these strategies to social media engagement, it translates into a four-step approach.

  1. Create shareable content. This type of material does not come with prominent “buy me” messages but instead, features valuable details and actionable car care tips that folks will share with friends and family members.
  2. Be active on your page. Respond to inquiries, take criticism with grace and humor, and do not be afraid to post polls, contests, and memes.
  3. Share industry information. If there are recalls, be sure to share them on your page, which further increases the value of having Facebook users “like” the page and subscribe to its content.
  4. Upload varied content frequently. Posts that consist of all memes, all text, or all shared content get annoying. Mix it up. For example, if you decide to make three posts per day, be sure to include a video every so often.

Additionally, when you want to find new auto repair customers on Facebook and other social media platforms, remember to announce major news from your shop. When you qualify for the RepairPal certification, this is something you want to share with your audience right away and regularly. Show off images of you mounting the signage that identifies your shop as certified, or snap a picture or video of a team member holding your certificate. 

To learn more about how your shop can become RepairPal certified and grow your online presence, contact us today.

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