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Find New Auto Repair Customers By Diversifying Your Digital Marketing Techniques

There are a number of ways you can market your auto repair business online, from building a social media presence to creating a professional and enticing website to publishing an engaging blog. Auto repair shops need to invest in a number of different marketing techniques in order to truly increase the potential for new customer referrals. By incorporating multiple digital marketing strategies, you’ll be more successful at finding and attracting new auto repair customers. Utilize these simple strategies to start driving more traffic today.

Connect With Customers Using Newsletters

One of the best way to reach your customers and to keep your shop on their radar is through email newsletters. The newsletters don’t necessarily have to focus on a discount for their next visit, but instead, might engage your readers with articles or messages that interest or are useful to them.

During the summer season, for example, write about tips for their next road trip. During the colder months, talk about the importance of having an emergency kit tucked in the car. You may want to also offer some sort of coupon for customers, but be sure that’s not all you offer. A more genuine and helpful approach will make you more trustworthy and likeable to customers.

Increase Brand Awareness and Interaction Through Social Media

You need to be on social media if you’re going to reach your customer base, but your posts shouldn’t all be sales-driven. Talk about helpful tips on how to wax cars, post funny cartoons about car ownership, or share photos of your staff interacting with customers and their families (with the customer’s’ permission, or course).

Keeping things personal—showing that you care about every person that walks through the doors of your shop—connects you to your customers. You want your online presence to be helpful and relevant, so that your customers will want to continue to follow you and even recommend you to their friends. When your customer has a good experience, he may tag your business in a post or share something you posted, connecting you to even more potential customers.

Ask for Reviews

Ask your customers to leave feedback about your auto repair shop and services online, whether it be on Facebook, Google, or your own website. Most customers who are looking for an auto repair facility will take to online review sites to see what other customers are saying. And don’t worry about bad feedback, because if you’re reviewing and replying to that feedback, you can address the issue directly, showing your customers that you care about their business and the experience they had, good or bad.

When you provide good, quality service and stay in touch with your customers in unique ways, they’ll be more likely to keep you in mind when it comes to not only bringing their vehicles back to you, but sending new customers your way as well.

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