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Find new auto repair customers

Find New Auto Repair Customers Among Seniors

With so much advertising targeting Generation X, you might be missing a huge demographic that probably lives close to your shop: senior citizens. HUD projects that the population of Americans over the age of 65 will double by 2040. In numbers, this could point to 80 million seniors. To find new auto repair customers, look no further than this growing demographic.

Appealing to a Savvy Crowd

The stereotypical elderly customer, who is unsure of how things work in the auto repair business, is a myth. Today’s senior is a computer-savvy, educated consumer who comparison-shops and looks for reasons other than proximity to make a buying choice. This is true for goods, as well as services. To maximize your appeal to this audience, it is crucial that you evaluate your repair shop’s perception.

Presenting an Inviting Repair Shop Experience

From advertisements to front desk manners, the first impression you make is the crucial one.

  • Signage. Target at least some of your signage to a demographic of elderly drivers. Doing so involves the use of big, bold fonts, bright, easy-to-read colors and eye-catching graphics. Be sure to advertise special promotions you’re running and to clearly display any outstanding credentials.
  • Credibility. Heighten your credibility by becoming a RepairPal-certified shop. Not only does this action prove that you are a cut above the rest, but the organization also participates in a program for AARP members (contact us for more information). Targeting consumers above the age of 50, this group currently has about 37 million members. Displaying your relationship with AARP, via RepairPal, is a significant step in presenting yourself to this consumer group.
  • Front desk training. You don’t have to go all out to make Miss Manners proud, but there are some simple dos and don’ts. For example, uniforms should fit properly. Curate background music to avoid objectionable content, and have a no-profanity rule in place. Train the clerk staffing the front desk to greet customers immediately upon arrival, and establish a phone protocol that spells out the way you want staff members to greet prospective clients who call in.

With these suggestions put into practice, it should be easy to find new auto repair customers among more mature motorists.

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