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Customer Service in The Palm of Your Hand

Technology is always improving and finding new uses, and the auto industry is no stranger to new technology and applications. This allows for service providers to offer quality, efficient services that the consumer can see, understand and accept. One method that has assisted this is the use of hand-held tablets over handwritten notes and inspections. These devices offer a new level of efficiency for shops, while giving customers the quality service they are seeking.

What are Tablet-based Inspections?

tablet-based inspectionsWe live in a world of mobile technology with phones, laptops, tablets, and now even watches. Having programs and tracking at the touch of a finger increases the speed of service, efficiency in monitoring, and direct communication with customers. Auto service companies have a handful of different programs or software they can choose from to best fit the needs of their operations. This software on handheld devices or tablets accommodates mechanics who can carry it directly with them during inspections. By doing so, mechanics and inspectors are able to complete notes on the spot, take pictures, show the physical inspection to customers, and even email or schedule appointments with customers on the spot.

Why Tablet-based Inspections are Better

  • Having tablets in the palm of their hands, technicians are able to quickly perform and record inspections.
  • Pictures taken with the tablet are attached to inspection reports, giving technicians, as well as customers, a clear understanding of what needs to be done.
  • As the technician enters notes and comments during the inspection, they’re saving time through immediate information input, rather than hand writing notes and entering them into the system later.
  • Tablet-based inspections allow for customers to receive transparent evaluations and services, without hidden fees or technicians pushing services not needed. Instead, a clear picture of the necessary repairs is presented.
  • With some tablet-based inspection programs, customers are given their own account which the technician can pull up and provide individual reports, images, communication, and vehicle history. This improves customer service by providing more customized service to them and their vehicle.
  • Tablet-based programs allow the technician and the customer to access their own account to schedule services, receive reminders of necessary services, and communicate with the shop, without getting their emails lost in the daily shuffle.
  • Having a tablet on hand allows the technician to enter information on the spot, accurately, without having to remember details later — or worse, forgetting important details altogether.

There is a variety of options for tablet-based inspections, but regardless of the tablet or program chosen, the auto shop, its staff, and its customers will benefit from tablet-based inspections. Contact us to learn more about the new technologies available to auto repair shops and how they can bring your auto service shop to the forefront of customer marketing and service.

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