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Consumer Bought Parts—What You Need to Know

A shift in consumer behavior is upon us! We are living in a time when customers are able to buy parts for their vehicles with just a tap of a button. As these e-commerce shops start to thrive, how are you handling the work?

There is a major opportunity for independent shops to get into the DIY and customer bought parts space.

Website like and make up a market cap upwards of half a billion dollars. Don’t be left in the dust by your competitor, turning this gold mine of an opportunity away.

Amazon and eBay are also becoming major stakeholders in the automotive parts space. If you are ready and willing to install consumer bought products, take a look at the top-selling car parts.

1) Exterior Parts

These can be both a replacement part or sometimes an automobile upgrade. The top exterior parts that are the highest in demand right now are:

  • Steel Bumpers
  • Grilles
  • Side Mirrors

2) Lighting (Mainly Headlights)

Just the same with exterior parts, car lighting equipment is very commonly bought for replacements, but have a decently high share of aftermarket upgrade community.

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Colored Light Bulbs
  • Fog or Running Lights

3) Tires and Wheels

Now more than ever, you can buy tires and wheels from so many sources these days. More and more consumers are buying their own tires and wheels from major e-commerce sites, especially now that they are able to ship the tires direct-to-consumer. Along with the tires and wheels, customers are also purchasing:

  • Leveling Kits
  • Struts Lifting Kits
  • Shocks

If your shop has the opportunity to take on these customers with online bought parts, you might benefit from becoming a RepairPal Certified Shop. We are partnered with sites like and and bring you valuable leads right to your doorstep.

You can attract a whole new customer base in a meaningful way, and the customer gets to have a high quality shop they can visit to properly and safely install the parts they have purchased.

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