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Case Study: How GIC Car Clinic Became RepairPal Certified

At RepairPal, we don’t take the certification process lightly. In fact, a very large percentage of repair shops who apply for our certification do not receive it. Here’s the thing: We want as many repair shops as possible to treat customers well, and so when feasible, we will personally make recommendations to repair shops to help them improve and deliver world class service.
When GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, CA, first applied to become RepairPal Certified, they just missed the cut and were disappointed. Since they did come very close, RepairPal’s Certification Director Jill Trotta suggested that they spend 90 days focusing on some specific areas to improve, after which point they could re-apply.
GIC teamed up with ACT (Automotive Coaching and Training) to focus on customer service interactions. ACT coach Rena Rennebohm worked with Jose (the service advisor from GIC) and Alan (GIC’s owner) for a period of three months to improve the shop’s overall customer service results.
Immediately, Rena noticed several major areas that could be addressed to improve service, including:
  • Having Jose be his authentic self on the phone to connect with customers, rather than reading from a script
  • Using clearer and more specific terms when writing repair orders
  • Revamping the price quote process, and clearly articulating the value of the warranty to all customers
During this time, Rena heard several customers tell Jose and Alan that they were a pleasure to speak to. 
Overall, this resulted in an increase in conversions from 8% to 16% — doubling the amount of business and satisfied customers.
After the 90 day period was over, GIC re-applied for RepairPal certification—and succeeded!
“My overall takeaway from this case study is that if the shop wants to be better they can,” Rennebohm stated.Also, “Jose and Alan have been amazingly receptive and tried everything that was suggested and it appears that most things, maybe everything, has worked for them,” she said. “Their trust in the training process is what made this all happen so quickly. Overall everyone wins, the shop and the clients. Jose’s job is easier, the clients are happier, and I get to see another success story,” added Rennebohm.
RepairPal is pleased that shops see the value in being RepairPal Certified, and that they want to bring trust and transparency to the auto repair industry. To find out how your shop can become RepairPal Certified, go and to find a Certified shop in your area, go to

Julia (RepairPal Shop Success Manager, Alan (Owner GIC), Jose (Service Advisor GIC)
Julia (RepairPal Shop Success Manager, Alan (Owner GIC), Jose (Service Advisor GIC)

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