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Auto Repair Marketing Strategy

The Benefits of Direct Mail in Your Auto Repair Marketing Strategy

Flyer distribution, by hand or direct mail, can often yield more benefits for your auto repair marketing strategy than an expensive online, TV, or radio campaign—especially when it comes to geographical targeting and ROI. Though TV, radio, and web marketing are all important and effective forms of advertising, they’re not the only ones you should consider.

When you hire someone to distribute flyers by hand or send them out via direct mail, your advertising is targeted to the geographical area of your choosing. You know better than anyone where your best customers live, and this is an easy way to reach them. You can also schedule marketing campaigns around events of local significance.

Additionally, you know who your local competitors are. If they’re not using direct mail or flyers, you will have an edge over them, no matter what other forms of advertising they use. Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of advertising there is, and the truth is, it always has been.

According to recent statistics, most people scan the pieces of mail they get each day. They’re curious about what’s in their physical mailbox, which gives your flyer or direct mail advertisement a better chance of being noticed and acted upon.

Currently, the direct mail response rate per household is 3.7%. In comparison, the current response rate for mobile is .2%, email is .1%, social media is .1%, and web display is .02%. Further, the average ROI of a direct mail campaign is 18-20%.

There are other benefits too:

  1. The recipient gets a tangible reminder of your business offerings. It lists all the pertinent information they need to make contact with you or buy from you. They don’t have to scribble down something they hear on the radio or catch a TV commercial.
  2. Direct mail helps to develop a more trustworthy business profile in the minds of local customers. It’s an older form of marketing. People often trust it more than online, TV, or radio marketing.
  3. Advertising a really good promotional deal or coupon via direct mail is a great way to ensure your message gets into the hands of someone in need of auto repair. These types of flyers often get passed on to a friends or family members who are ready to shop, even if the direct mail recipient isn’t.

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