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Auto repair marketing can be tricky for those off-the-beaten-path repair shops, but these marketing tips can help you get noticed.

Bringing Traffic to Your Off-the-Beaten-Path Repair Shop

In today’s real estate market, finding the space for a repair shop can be a real a challenge. Often, the affordable, warehouse-style spaces needed for housing your repair business are not the ones easily spotted from main streets and busy shopping centers.

If you find yourself in the position where ‘foot traffic’ or drive-by customers are unlikely, the signage and marketing tactics you use to bring in new customers can make all the difference in the world. Here are four tips for providing eye-catching visuals that will bring in business, even if your storefront is ‘off the beaten path.’

  1. Include a simple map on your advertising materials.

On every ad purchased for local printing, be sure to include a simple graphic layout of your location. This map should be a small addition to the company logo and any information about promotional sales. Remove unnecessary side streets that clutter the map, and try to include at least two landmarks that are not street names, like a local bank, church, park, or restaurant where customers must make an important turn.

  1. Use prominent, friendly signage in the front of your shop.

Be sure that the front of your business looks welcoming. In a warehouse row, some customers, unfamiliar with industrial parks, can be a little intimidated about knocking on the wrong door. Be sure that your company sign is big and friendly to help let your customers know they are in the right place. Warm colors and rounded letters are proven to encourage this feeling.

  1. Build relationships with local businesses.

Contact local businesses with which you could create mutually beneficial relationships, such as auto parts stores, or even hardware and feed stores, to see if you can display brochures or flyers on or near their sales counter. Placing eye-catching signage where every customer must pause for a few seconds to purchase goods or ask for help allows you to take advantage of a few precious seconds, proven by market research to be invaluable.

  1. Get RepairPal Certified!

Attract online customers and increase your business by registering with RepairPal for your auto repair marketing. Everyone shops online, and anyone who is new to your area and doesn’t have word-of-mouth recommendations will most likely start there. People want trustworthy repair shops and are often willing to travel for them. Be sure that your company appears where it belongs, among the reliable businesses that provide excellent car care.

To find out more about bringing customers to your off-the-beaten-path repair shop, contact us, the trusted, online professionals at RepairPal.

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