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Auto Repair Marketing 101: Attend Local Hobbyist Events

To find new auto repair customers, go to the places where they congregate. In addition to your online auto repair marketing efforts, going offline is a good way to appeal to the demographic that is less likely to use social media and far more prone to make personal connections. Unlike other business niches, the automotive industry offers countless opportunities for these meet-and-greet events.

Expos and Trade Shows

Any automotive trade show or expo is a great way for vendors in the field to set up small stands. You don’t even need a booth to present attractively printed auto repair marketing brochures. Show off your shop’s advantages and gear the information specifically to the needs of the show’s targeted demographic.

Neighborhood Events

Although Southern California is a hotbed for these events, they take place in countless other cities across the country, too. These are club-organized events where folks pull up into a parking lot, pop their hoods, and show off their “babies.” Known affectionately as “car guys,” a term that includes the gals as well, this is the older demographic that spends less time online and more time offline making connections. Bring a car to show off and have some advertising magnets attached. When you identify your shop as one that handles repairs of the vehicles shown there, you can make valuable connections.

Flea Markets

Connect with sellers in the automotive section of the local flea market. Set up a little table with a couple of banners and plenty of brochures. Like a trade show, this environment is an excellent opportunity to make offline connections that you would most likely not make over the internet. The flea market offers the chance to interact with a broader range of consumers. Spell out the major selling points of your shop, such as a children’s play area, appointment flexibility, loyalty programs, and a RepairPal certification.

Contact us for more information on how to get started networking in the real world as well as on the web. You can also ask us about how to get RepairPal certified, which will help you attract even more customers.

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