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Announcing our Updated Shop Dashboard!

We are so excited to reveal our new Shop Dashboard for our 3,500+ Certified shops. 

CEO Art Shaw says, “A big goal for the Dashboard was creating a simple and easy-to-use design.  We wanted shop owners to be able to see at a glance all of their calls, emails, and tows they’re getting from RepairPal, even if they’re using a smartphone.”

The new Shop Dashboard allows you to log in and immediately track and respond to your RepairPal Appointments, Calls, and Referral activity in one convenient location.  Check out the quick overview:

Be A Part Of The Largest Trusted Auto Repair Marketplace


  • Get New Customers: RepairPal will introduce your shop to new customers through and through the recommendations of our partners like CarMax, USAA, and Consumer Reports, of which those appointments will be shown right on your Dashboard.
  • Increase Retention: RepairPal will help you with customer retention by providing an independent 3rd party quality and satisfaction certification, and proof of fair prices with our best-in-class estimator.
  • Build Trust: RepairPal Certified shops are trusted by consumers as the standard for high quality and fair prices. 
  • Increase Your Average Repair Order (ARO): Expect a higher ARO than your other marketing channels. Customers in need of mid-major-mechanical repairs go to RepairPal Certified Shops.

The Shop Dashboard is already rolled out to Certified shops now! Want to learn more about RepairPal?

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Learn how RepairPal will help you improve trust with both new and existing customers. Your shop will increase retention, improve conversion, and attract new business.