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All American Auto Repair Gains Traction with Google and New Customers After RepairPal Certification

Kevin Millard’s 23-year-old repair shop survived Hurricane Andrew and the 2008 economic collapse, but he wasn’t sure if he could beat the odds of getting found on Google once people stopped relying on the yellow pages. He tried every kind of social media and online ad service to find new customers, but nothing performed as well for his business—or his revenue—than RepairPal.


“If you underestimate your online presence, then you are behind the curve.”





All American Auto Repair was established in 1994 and has been providing Boca Raton and the surrounding area with quality automotive repairs ever since. This RepairPal Certified shop features a team of very experienced, highly trained technicians who are led by an ASE certified master.




“In the old days, we used mail,” Kevin says. Today, things are different. “If someone wants a repair or anything like that, the first thing they do today is go on the phone and Google it.”

After discovering Yelp and consumer search almost by accident after a conversation with his bank manager, Kevin ditched the paper marketing and put all his efforts into creating a strong Google and social media presence. However, Kevin quickly realized he’d never get the kind of impact he needed on his own, especially when relying on the kind of customers most willing to leave spontaneous reviews—those who complain.

When the opportunity came to align his shop with RepairPal’s powerful search engine ranking and impressive referral network, he didn’t hesitate.

“I realized I had to align myself with major players in the search engines. I couldn’t do it by myself.”


Once Kevin’s shop was certified by our team as meeting the rigorous quality, training, and customer service standards, Kevin completed his RepairPal shop listing. By “piggybacking” on RepairPal’s more powerful Google ranking (with 4+ million monthly visitors), All American Automotive soon saw an increase in their own website ranking to an impressive 49/100 on the industry-leading Moz search ranking scale.

But the best part, Kevin says, are the direct referrals from RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator.  

“If someone is looking to get a repair done and how much it costs—boom!—RepairPal pops right up. And if we’re nearby, then we drop into the top spot.”  Kevin’s shop averages 10 new customer contacts (either calls or emails) from new customers each month. The repair orders that come from these leads are for high-dollar repairs, with one recent tow resulting in an $1800 repair order.  

The Shop Dashboard allows Kevin to listen to recorded calls from RepairPal leads and better train his staff. This keeps his team in a constant state of self-improvement, learning in almost real-time how to delight the customer from first call to cashout.


“The amount of money that I’ve received from RepairPal online leads is phenomenal. It really is. I just can’t say enough about it.”

In addition to the real dollars and cents in new customer ROs All American Auto Repair gains every month, they’ve also garnered dozens of positive reviews from verified customers. This direct feedback attracts more new customers as well as helps them make their service even better.

For instance, now they update customers every 30 minutes via text or email when the car is actively being worked on. This one small change in their service is a huge perk to their customers, and it shows in their sustained 90% customer satisfaction score.

At a time when small businesses struggle to compete in the online world, great shops like All American Auto Repair demonstrate the lucrative rewards of quality work and the trusted seal of approval from RepairPal.

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