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6 Best Marketing Strategies for your Shop in 2023

The best marketing program for your shop is the one that sends more customers, with higher ROs, and gives you the greatest return on every dollar you spend.

However, it’s hard to compare which strategies are the most effective if you haven’t marketed your shop before.

Our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Kathleen Long, discussed what are the 6 Best Ways to Speed Toward Better Business Results, in which she covers the best marketing for your auto shop. Her webinar is to help you decide the best place(s) to spend your marketing dollars and/or time to land more quality customers. 

The 6 things she talks about, below, are covered in her Webinar where she discusses just how to implement these in more detail.

  1.  Create Email Marketing Campaigns
  2.  Update Your Shop’s Online Listing
  3. Work on your Social Media Presence
  4. Keep up with Trends
  5. Offer Coupons and Deals
  6. Make Progress when Life and Business are Busy

While those are all things you can start to do on your own, RepairPal is also a major marketing asset you can implement to increase retention and get new customers.

By being a part of RepairPal’s Shop Network, we will add you to our directory with your own Shop Page, where over 4 Million visitors are landing on our site monthly. 

You also have the opportunity to sign up for our referral partners such as CarMax or USAA where we can continue to help you gain new customers.

Creating a marketing strategy as detailed above with joining RepairPal is the best way to usher in 2023 and set your marketing plans up for a fantastic fiscal year.

Let's grow your repair business

Learn how RepairPal will help you improve trust with both new and existing customers. Your shop will increase retention, improve conversion, and attract new business.