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Auto repair marketing

4 Reasons to Use RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator in Your Auto Repair Marketing

There are numerous reasons why consumers dread visiting the local auto body shop. Among them is the use of insider lingo, less than sanitary conditions, and the fear of paying too much for a product or service. As an industry professional, you already know about the RepairPal Certification and its effect on your credibility; did you also know that by incorporating mentions of our Fair Price Estimator in your auto repair marketing you could get more business?

By combining manufacturer-suggested retail pricing for parts with automotive industry labor data, the tool lets consumers know what kind of costs to expect. When you mention this tool to your customers, you provide them with four good reasons to take their business to you.

1. Opens a Dialog

The prospective customer contacts your shop and wants to learn more about the price. After educating herself on the RepairPal website about the price range for the needed service, you can not only assure the consumer that you honor this price but also let her now what all else you offer. Examples might include free loaner vehicles or a lifetime warranty on labor.

2. Puts Your Honesty in Plain View

The shops, which agree to abide by the price range the estimator calculates, have the right to display the RepairPal Price Guarantee or RepairPal Certified notation on their premises. The same goes for the shop’s website. Doing so is a huge selling point.

3. Enforces Fair Dealings

Shops abiding by the estimates agree to lower their prices if needed.

4. No Pressure Sales

Plenty of automotive marketing revolves around high-pressure sales and specials that are only good for that day. Not so with RepairPal’s price guarantee. It stays in effect for 30 days. If a consumer wants to shop around some more, he can do so without having to worry about losing the deal. When he returns to your shop, you are ready to get to work at the price you quoted—even if the price was quoted three weeks ago.

There is little doubt that auto repair marketing materials that feature our Fair Price Estimator will get results. Contact us today to learn more.

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