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Find new auto repair customers

4 Affordable Ways to Find New Auto Repair Customers

The average automobile on the road is approximately 10 years old. With many people holding off on the purchase of new vehicles, the auto repair industry continues to flourish. However, with new players entering the auto repair industry every day, it is increasingly important to devote attention to finding new clients. Below are four strategies that you can use to find new auto repair customers, without breaking the bank.

  1. Offer a Referral Discount to Existing Clients who Bring New Customers

One of the best ways to bring new customers to your business is through word of mouth. Your satisfied customers could also be excellent ambassadors for your business, but you need to ask for their help in promoting your repair expertise. By offering a discount to your customers who refer a new client who uses your services, you are expanding your customer base while expressing thanks to a repeat client.

  1. Distribute Creative Marketing Materials to Nearby Businesses

Your next new customer could be in the office building down the street from your shop. Set aside a window of time each day to visit nearby establishments and introduce yourself. Leave a few of your business cards or flyers with the receptionist, and see if it is possible to post an advertisement or discount offer on the wall of the office’s break room. Always be sure to ask permission before distributing any of your materials inside a business.

  1. Involve Friends and Family in the Promotion of Your Social Media Sites

Hopefully, you have updated your LinkedIn profile and have established a Facebook page for your business. If not, you should make this a priority. While establishing social media sites is a great idea, you need to go beyond the initial setup of these sites. For instance, you should ask your friends and family members to follow you and your business on LinkedIn and Twitter. Set aside some time each day to generate “Likes” for your Facebook page, publish new posts, and add some photos of your shop or team. These measures will add legitimacy and personality to your business.

  1. Use Your Personal Automobile to Advertise Your Business

Advertising your auto repair business on the outside of your vehicle is an effective way to promote your services. Depending upon the length of your commute and extent of your daily driving, you could promote your business to hundreds of new potential customers every day. Your advertisement should clearly state your business name, telephone number, and website address.

By drawing upon the support of existing customers, friends, neighbors, and family members, you can generate new customers for your business, without breaking your budget. Please contact us for additional ideas to help you expand your auto repair business.

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