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Find New Auto Repair Customers

3 Community Events Where You Can Find New Auto Repair Customers

You do not have to go to a trade show to find new auto repair customers. Instead, focus your efforts on local community events that bring out neighbors who already live close to your place of business.

1. Street Fairs

Usually put on by the local chamber of commerce, these fairs provide opportunities for neighborhood businesses to set up small stalls that introduce their companies. Inquire early about setting up a booth where you can hand out coupons and brochures detailing your services and connect with local auto repair customers.

2. Neighborhood Events

Neighbors usually put on these events in the form of block parties or seasonal/holiday celebrations. Learn about these opportunities and offer to come out, provide prizes for some games/raffles, and take the opportunity to be seen as a part of the local community.

3. Outreach Opportunities

Organizations that put on outreach events are plentiful. Depending on the demographic they seek out, you might market to seniors, families with small children, or simply the area’s residents. Typical outreach sponsors include the local YMCA, health care facilities, and charitable organizations such as the Rotary Club.

Of course, when presenting yourself in these settings, it’s important to focus on the points that matter most to attendees: fair pricing and reliable service. Arrive highly recommended with a RepairPal certification proudly displayed on your stall, brochures, and perhaps as a patch on your work shirt.

By showing off that your shop submits to a third-party certification test and value assessment, you prove that the business is not just honest and transparent, but also offers fair pricing for needed services. Contact us today to learn more about a RepairPal certification and how it can help you find new auto repair customers right away.

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