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  RepairPal makes sense and has been a great partner for our business. We have already recommended RepairPal to several hundred shops through ATI.”

– Lee Weatherby, ATI Shop Owner, Accurate Automotive Mesa, AZ

  “I get a great return on investment. RepairPal does generate traffic and gives us the ability to track the success of those leads. They charge a fair fee for monthly usage and a scaling rate for successful conversions into customers.”
- Brad Updegraff, ATI Service Advisor, Dave's Ultimate Automotive Austin, TX   Ken Steinbach“RepairPal is a quality organization. They delivers what they promise.”
- Ken Steinbach, ATI Shop Owner, Caton Auto Clinice Catonsville, MD .
“I really like the professional look of the RepairPal site. The explanations are accurate and prices are within my range.
- Lance Buick, ATI Shop Owner, Auto Statione Omaha, NE  

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